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Mar 2017: Equinoxes, 9-Year Cycles, and New Beginnings

Feb 2017: Learning to Co-create

Jan 2017: Ask


Dec 2016: Going with the Flow

Nov 2016: The Effect of Symbols on Our Energy

Oct 2016: You've Got to Be in it to Win it

Sep 2016: Three Year Anniversary and Packages

Aug 2016: A Tree Full of Stars

Jul 2016: One Question

Jun 2016: Confused and Frazzled Messengers

May 2016: Helpful Resources for Spiritual Growth

Apr 2016: A Wacky Outcome for the First Free Email Reading

Mar 2016: Free Email Reading and Natural Intuitive Abilities

Feb 2016: Free Aura Seeing Fest

Jan 2016: Can You Change Your Life By Changing Your Solar Plexus Chakra?


Dec 2016: The Year Ahead

Nov 2015: Protecting Your Energy

Oct 2015: Chakra Readings and Island Party with the Guides

Sep 2015: Burnt by Scepticism

Aug 2015: Guidance and Creating the Life You Want

July 2015: Lucid Dreaming

June 2015: Auras and Colours and Clothes, Oh My!

May 2015: Festival Time and New Reading Options

April 2015: Quitting and Committing

March 2015: Email Reading Feedback

February 2015: Space Clearing and Email Readings

January 2015: Goodbye Facebook, Hello Email Readings


December 2014: Tea Leaf Reading, New Year's Resolutions, and Daily Intention Setting

November 2014: 1111

October 2014: Aura Photo Readings at the Mind Body Spirit Festival

September 2014: One Year Anniversary

August 2014: Ten-Week Trial of Readings

July 2014: Astrology vs. Intuitive Readings

June 2014: 10 Seconds a Day to Feel Happier

May 2014: New Facebook Page, Website, and Wellness Centre Opening Soon

April 2014: Postal and Courier Delivery from the Guides

March 2014: First 107 Intuitive Readings – My Feedback on Your Feedback

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