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Shortest Update Ever

little bird

July 2023

While participating in an online clear-your-paper-and-digital-clutter course last month, the decision was made to clear out all remaining copies of You Crazy Vegan that are still in my possession, so if you would like a signed copy for yourself or a friend, for a very limited time you can order one on the YCV webpage here.

In other news, the next 10-week package for intuitive services will be available to book in for the period between 20 July to 27 September 2023 for one client only (click here for more details). 

Lastly, during the recent clutter clearing course that finished on 1 July, a suggestion was made to limit messages to three sentences or less where possible for the sake of reducing word clutter, which I am aiming to do at least for July – hence the unusually short update from me this month!

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