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Vegan Blog Posts

During an interview for a vegan spirituality webinar in early 2019 called ‘Attune Your Intuition to Empower Your Activism’, I was asked if an article I’d written three years previously (on coping with trauma related to animal cruelty) was available on my website. After receiving more messages about that article after the interview was over, I eventually uploaded it to my website along with a number of other old vegan blog posts.

These were written with the aim of empowering and helping people who are already vegan or open to veganism (so if you have no intention of exploring a vegan lifestyle then these are probably not going to be of much value to you!).

The following blog posts have also been published by Vegan Education Association Sydney (VEA) and the international animal protection organisation In Defense of Animals (IDA):

Feb 2016: Coping with Animal-Cruelty-Related Trauma as a Vegan

Apr 2016: Using Your Unique Strengths for Vegan Advocacy

May 2016: How to Say “No” When Offered Non-Vegan Food

Jun 2017: The Potential to Lapse as a Vegan and What You Can Do About It

Aug 2017: How to Stay Positive While Surrounded with So Much Cruelty

Nov 2017: I’m a Vegan – Does that Make Me Extreme?

Here is another list of articles that refer to vegan-related experiences, shared in some of my monthly updates:

Jul 2023. Shortest Update Ever

Dec 2022. January Call and the Four Agreements

Nov 2021. What is an Intuitive?

Apr 2021. You Crazy Vegan is now OUT!

Feb 2021. You Crazy Vegan

Feb 2020. Coming Out

Nov 2019. The One Thing a Thai Monk Wanted Me to Know

Jul 2019: Titan

Mar 2019: Vegan Spirituality Interview: Using Intuition for Activism

Feb 2019: Living a Dream

Sep 2018: Your Last Day

May 2017: Authenticity and Exploring a New Intuitive Service

Apr 2017: Vulnerability and Staying True to Yourself

Apr 2015: Quitting and Committing


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