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Authenticity and Exploring a New Intuitive Service

May 2017

Answers to Survey

Thank you to everyone who responded to my 10-question survey last month. Although answers differed when it came to describing current challenges experienced, there was quite a bit of overlap in the responses to other questions such as “What do you really want most?” and “What do you care about the most?”

Each respondent stated their desire for others to be happy (whether it was for their family, partner, or people in general), and some were more specific, stating that they wanted their own energy to be better for the sake of those around them, so that they could give more to others, be a more positive influence, and make a difference to others’ lives.

I was a little surprised that the importance of others also came up when answering the question, “How would you know if your ultimate wish had been granted?” Everyone mentioned other people in their answers, i.e. they said they would know if their wish had been granted because their family or significant other would be happy, or they would be more accepting (and “not think mean things”) about the people around them.

To summarise some of the other common themes that came up, people expressed their desire for reassurance, peace of mind, comfort, more certainty about life direction and what steps to take, guidance and to connect better with themselves and/or their guides, and to simply feel that “life will be okay”. Financial stability was mentioned a couple of times too. 

For the question about intuitive readings, what was listed by respondents as most helpful didn’t actually involve anything to do with finding new or unexpected answers to problems, but rather the validation and reminder of what they already knew or had forgotten, and to get that “extra bit of clarity” in the process.  

No one wanted to see any changes to the current services offered, or to the topics and format of the email updates.


I really appreciated receiving feedback that described the monthly updates as “authentic”, “honest”, and a “genuine” expression of who I am and of my past experiences and challenges. This hasn’t always been easy, as I’ve mentioned before. Some of the things that have mattered most to me in my life are the same things that I’ve felt incredibly anxious about sharing. For example, in 2010 I announced that I’d made the choice to go vegan after almost a decade of wanting to try it – my biggest reason not to was fear of the social consequences and being labelled in a negative way (which indeed, I was). I felt embarrassed, and the comments that came from friends, family and colleagues (things like “you’re being self-righteous”, “extreme”, and “too rigid”) did hurt at first. But on the other side of the coin, going vegan is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, and the more comfortable I’ve become in accepting that this choice is important to me, the more others around me have become supportive and accepting as well.

More recently, I’ve experienced a similar struggle with sharing my views on spirituality and intuitive readings after I started to offer those readings professionally a few years ago. I’m very grateful for every single person who not only expressed interest in having a reading with me or hearing what I had to say afterwards in the form of monthly updates, but also for every bit of encouragement, constructive feedback and support I’ve received along the way. I think this has helped me to open up more and to try and stay true to myself even when it seems difficult to do so - again, due to fear of being judged.

Admittedly though, there are still things I’m doing (and not doing) that aren’t completely consistent with what I like or with what’s true for me, and I know it may take time to become more aligned in that regard. For instance, I like to see a person’s photo and read about their story if I’m on their website, but at this stage I have no photo and an extremely brief bio on mine.

Another thing is that when I book a reading for myself, I often enjoy being part of the tune-in process at the start and observing how the reader gets into the ‘zone’. The approach I’ve used for most phone/Skype readings has been to tune-in beforehand so that the chakra reading is completed and answers are ready before the call begins. I know that many people enjoy this approach because it saves time for them and information can be communicated more quickly at the start of the call. I do wonder though if there are others like me who would actually prefer to be present for the whole process from the start, and perhaps even to be involved in tuning in to their own chakras and spiritual connection, even if that means that the information gets passed on more slowly.

Another Free Trial

Despite the fact that no one has yet expressed any interest in other services in addition to readings at the moment, from some of the answers to my survey it appears that the ability to feel reassured, on track, and connected to one’s own intuition and spirituality is very important to people.

For that reason, I’d like to test out a new type of service with the aim of helping you get in touch with your intuition and to trust it more. Although you’ll be invited to be a part of the tune-in process that I always use before a reading, it will nonetheless differ from a reading in that I won’t be firing off answers to questions and the session will be more exploratory in nature.

I wasn’t sure what to call this kind of thing – is it an exploration, or a lesson, or even coaching? After pondering on this for I while, I came up with the not-so-creative name of ‘intuitive sessions’. They will be held via Skype and free of charge in exchange for completing a feedback survey afterwards.

I’m not exactly sure yet how these sessions will unfold or how things will play out in terms of logistics, timing, how much information will be included, etc. However, I expect that most of them will involve tuning into your chakras and unique spiritual connection together before discussing whatever experience comes up for you, and/or exploring any area of your life in which you might feel stuck or want greater clarity on. If you don’t feel anything at all then I’ll try to help you based on what I sense about your energy and strongest intuitive modality. Hopefully, this sort of thing has the potential to create more trust in your intuition as well as build confidence in your ability to find your own answers over the long-term.

I know that some of you who are reading this are already very intuitive, psychic or professional readers yourselves, in which case something like this may not really appeal. Or if you’re someone who would rather receive some guidance and answers without necessarily exploring your own intuitive ability, then having a reading would probably be more enjoyable for you.

But if you’re not sure how to best tap into your intuition, or you’re stuck on something and would like to gain more clarity and come up with your own answers with a bit of help (or you simply want to see what it’s like to be a part of the whole tune-in process!) then feel free to book a session with me. Please don’t schedule an appointment if you’re not 100% certain that you’ll be able to complete a short feedback survey afterwards, as gathering feedback is the whole point of this trial :)

Sessions are limited and will only run until late July, so book soon if you’d like one!

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