Intuitive Services: What To Expect and FAQ

~ "I felt my chakras as I've never felt them before, and I came away with valuable tools in my spiritual journey. Jess was able to get me to a place of power and confidence about my intuition - this is beyond invaluable.” 

~ Soo L. (Brooklyn, NY, USA).  

(See more testimonials here). 

What can you expect after you book an intuitive email message or Skype/phone consultation? Find out what's involved and see the FAQ section for answers to frequently asked questions. 

After You Book ... 

After booking an intuitive email message or Skype/phone consultation through this website, you’ll be directed to a webpage with further instructions on what to do next.

For intuitive email messages, you will be asked to send your question/s to a specified email address. After you email your question/s, I will tune in and share whatever information is received intuitively via email within three business days. No back-and-forth messages are required; all you need to do is to simply open your email message after it's received. 

For intuitive consultations, you will be asked to provide your phone number and/or Skype ID, as well as offer at least three days/times (in Sydney, Australia time) that you will be available for your appointment. 

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel and receive a full refund if you give at least 24 hours’ notice. There are no refunds for no-shows or completed consultations or email messages, no exceptions.


All consultations and personal details provided are confidential and won't be shared with anyone - the only exception would be if there was any concern about harm to you or someone else. 

Before A Skype/Phone Consultation ...

Spend at least 10 minutes to prepare

In order to prepare for your consultation, it’s best if you can allow at least 10 minutes alone before the appointment. This time can be used to meditate, clear your mind, or take some slow breaths. It also helps to let go of any expectations or tension about the consultation, and to open up to receiving the most you can from it.  

It’s very common for people to say they feel a little anxious before the call. If you're nervous then it shows you care about how the session will go, which is great! Chances are that you'll feel less anxious after only a couple of minutes or so from when the call starts.

Check your inbox

Please check your email inbox shortly before your consultation. You'll receive an email prior to your appointment in the unlikely event that it needs to be cancelled, or if there are any difficulties reaching you. Please make sure you are able to access your email before and even during your appointment in case there are any reception or other problems during the call. If you are late to answer, the call will still need to end on time. If you are unable to answer after 10 minutes from your scheduled appointment time then the consultation will have to be rescheduled.

Your own space and privacy

Find a relatively quiet, comfortable place where you'll be able to concentrate on the call. Ensure that you'll be able to speak privately and openly without worrying about anyone eavesdropping, even if it's a close friend, relative, or partner (sometimes especially if it's one of those people!). You may have an emotionally intense experience or have the opportunity to have an ‘aha!’ moment or two during the session so it's best if you are on your own, as it can affect your consultation if there are other people around. 

During A Consultation

I will call you on time for your consultation using the phone number (or Skype ID) you provide. If you don't hear from me after a couple of minutes following your scheduled appointment time, please check your email and voicemail straight away for a message from me.


At the start of the consultation, you’ll be invited to join with me in the process of tuning into your main energetic centres, also known as ‘chakras’. We can discuss any imbalances that show up in your energy and how this may be affecting various aspects of your life, including financial security, emotions, creativity, self-esteem, compassion, communication, intuition and spirituality. 

I'll check in after each chakra and corresponding life area to confirm whether or not you agree with what's being said. You can talk about your situation if you like, or simply say 'yes' or 'no' to confirm whether or not you agree.


Once we’ve covered the chakras, you’ll have the opportunity to address any questions you have, on any topic relating to your life. How many questions we can cover depends on how complex they are, and how much depth is required to address each one properly.

You are welcome to ask about a particular relationship with a partner, friend, family member, or any other person (for example, “I’d like to focus on how I can improve my relationship with …”). However, questions that are specifically about someone else (such as, “I want to see more clearly what’s going on with my colleagues’ career / my sister’s mental health / my ex-partner’s love life …” etc) will NOT be covered during a consultation. 

After A Consultation ...

It's worth leaving some time aside after the call to properly absorb whatever was spoken about. An hour can be great, or at least 30 minutes if that's possible. Often people feel energised and inspired following a consultation, so you can start taking action or making plans if you are motivated to do so.


A follow-up question is fine as long as it’s to clarify information already covered during the call or email message, and is asked no later than one week afterwards. I won't be tuning in for follow-up questions, so my response will be based on memory only.

Please feel free to share your achievements, changes, and how you're going generally if you want to down the track. I would love to hear about your progress and any positive shifts that are made following your consultation/email message!


The amount of information and the level of detail that comes through for an intuitive email message or during a consultation will vary for each person. There's no guarantee that you’ll receive the answers or specific information you want, and it may be challenging when trying to tune in to your own energy during a Skype/phone consultation. For email messages especially, there is the limitation of not being able to have a conversation and clarify any ambiguity or potential misunderstanding.

For every intuitive email message and consultation though, the same process is used and the same intention is held to offer information that's inspiring and empowering in order to help you gain clarity and move forward in your life. 

Although it's not possible to promise certain results, many people have provided very positive feedback about their experiences.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

"What is a chakra?"

‘Chakra’ (pronounced ‘tchah-kra’) is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’, and refers to a centre or focal point in our energy field. Chakras are often described as vortices or funnels of spinning energy. It’s believed that the purpose of our chakras is to draw in energy from outside of us and then send that energy to various parts of our body.

There are said to be seven major chakras in our energy field which relate to different life areas. These include financial stability and security, emotions, creativity, self-esteem, compassion, communication, intuition, and spirituality. If there’s a problem with the intake of energy through a chakra, this may lead to an imbalance which can affect our physical health and/or the area of life with which that chakra is associated.

Can my chakras show my past or future?”

Tuning into our chakras allows us to assess our current state of energy and how it may be affecting various areas of our life now.

"Do I need to hold any particular beliefs?"

During a consultation, there is often mention of – and encouragement to tune in to – your own spiritual connection. A lot of people who book a consultation do believe in a higher power, guides, or other non-physical presences that can provide clarity and direction on our life path. However, there's no need for you to hold any particular beliefs. As long as you feel that you may benefit from a consultation, then you are welcome to book one regardless of what you do or don’t believe.

"Can I learn what the future holds?"

My services are intended to help you shape your own destiny rather than to foresee a fixed future outcome.

“Is an intuitive consultation the same as a reading?”

An average reading is generally more passive in that you can often just sit back and listen to whatever answers, guidance, and messages come through, as communicated by the intuitive reader you’re speaking to. An intuitive consultation, on the other hand, is more experiential and ‘active’, because you’ll be invited to tune in to your energy and your own ability to receive answers at times throughout the session. 

If we compare a reading to navigating a maze, it’s as though you’re standing outside the maze while I run back and forth in order to share what can be perceived within it. You then either accept that information or you don’t, since you haven’t observed it for yourself. An intuitive consultation provides an opportunity to enter the maze together, each of us pointing out things that are noticed or seen as we explore what’s inside.

During a typical reading I would have given in the past, I’d have described your chakras and offered answers to your questions, but not necessarily asked you to pay attention to your own energy, to check whether or not certain answers resonated with you, or encouraged you to feel what answers may have been accessible to receive intuitively for yourself. In comparison to that sort of reading, I’ve noticed that people are more likely to express confidence about following their intuition in future and to tell me about the important, positive changes they had made in their lives (and relatively quickly) following an intuitive consultation.  

“Should I wait until my intuition is stronger before I book a consultation?”

Postponing a consultation until after your intuition is clear is like waiting to become flexible before going to a yoga class! There’s no need to wait if you’re keen to book a consultation now. I’ve worked with people who were already very experienced with tuning in to their own energy and acting on their intuition, as well as others who said they had never tried to consciously do this before. 

“Why Book an Intuitive Consultation?”

In a nutshell, intuitive consultations can be a great tool to:

* Better understand your energy and chakras.

* Get in touch with your own spiritual connection.

* Gain extra insight into your current situation and what needs to change. 

* Achieve more clarity about how to move forward if you've been stuck or facing a big decision.

* Feel more confident about accessing your intuition and receiving answers for yourself in future – this can be particularly useful if you've often felt unsure, frustrated, or confused about what your intuition has been guiding you to do previously.

Other Questions? 

Please get in touch using the contact form on this website if you have any questions not covered in the FAQ above. If you would like to book a consultation or receive an intuitive email message, please click here.

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