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Clear Channel Course

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The Clear Channel Course is a 10-week online program based on the ideas and principles found in the book Channel: How to be a Clear Channel for Inspiration by Listening, Enjoying and Trusting Your Intuition.  

The course is comprised of audio recordings, written summaries, transcripts, and recommended activities (you can read further details about the course here). The overall aim is to provide tools and encouragement to start accessing your intuition more consistently, in order to lead a more inspired life. 

Clear Channel Course - $117* 

Once payment has been processed, you will be redirected to a page with details on how to log in to the course. Please note that payment is for immediate access to all material for the 10 weeks of the course, not to guarantee any specific results or experiences, and there are no refunds for the course. The content will remain accessible on the course website for you to review at any time, for as long as the website is active.