To learn more on how to listen, enjoy, and trust your intuition, check out my book Channel (2019)

Clear Channel Course

The Clear Channel course is a 10-week online program based on the ideas and principles found in the book Channel: How to be a Clear Channel for Inspiration by Listening, Enjoying and Trusting Your Intuition.

The course is comprised of audio recordings, written summaries, and recommended activities, with each week's material being focused on one of the 10 chapters found in the Channel book (please note that this is not required reading for the course!). The overall aim is to provide tools and encouragement to start accessing your intuition more often and more consistently, in order to lead a more fulfilling and inspired life. 

Currently, the Clear Channel Course is being developed and not all the content is yet available, but you can sign up in advance to receive an early bird special offer (pay one third of the full price) by clicking on the PayPal button below.

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Once payment has been processed, you will be redirected to a page with details on how to access the course. You can then click on the following link and enter the password when prompted: 

Clear Channel Course Homepage