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Channel: How to be a Clear Channel for Inspiration by Listening, Enjoying and Trusting Your Intuition 

Published by Atmophere Press (2019).

We all have the potential to access guidance and inspiration through the use of our intuition, and to do so consistently.

Channel contains ideas, tips, and strategies to help you develop your intuitive ability without having to compromise your logic or rational mind. This book encourages a conscious questioning of beliefs and open-minded exploration around spirituality, while also offering practical tools for strengthening your intuition.

Through Channel, you will discover how to listen to your intuition, to enjoy using it, and to trust it to the point that you can feel guided by it from moment-to-moment. You will learn how to ask effectively for answers, how to receive information through various intuitive modalities, how to create firm boundaries and drown out the noise of others’ expectations and opinions about how you should live (especially if what they say clashes with what your own intuition asks you to do), and how to lift your mood in order to boost your intuition when you’re feeling low.

This book also delves into the topics of surrender, living in the here-and-now, and the potential to tune into your major energetic centres or chakras.

The ultimate aim of this book is to encourage and empower you to develop your intuitive ability in order to become a clearer channel for inspiration to flow through and, by doing so, lead the most fulfilling life possible.

This short video includes a brief summary of what Channel covers and how the idea for the book came about. The video was required in order to enter the book into the August 2018 Publishizer contest.

25 percent of profits from pre-order sales during this contest was donated to the animal protection charity, Animals Australia. 

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