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My Vegan Spirituality Interview:
Using Intuition for Activism 

March 2019

New Book on Intuition Released

My new book on intuition, Channel, has finally been officially released!

The book was published by Atmosphere Press and is now available both as an eBook and in paperback format.

Please click here for further information.

My Vegan Spirituality Interview: Using Intuition for Activism 

I was invited to speak on the topic of intuition and activism last month for a vegan spirituality webinar. If you’re interested, you can watch/listen to the interview by clicking here.

Please note that the video is sometimes out of sync with the sound especially during the first half hour, and the video starts off with me looking blankly straight ahead as I didn’t realise that the recording had started!

 The following questions were covered in the interview, followed by a live Q&A session:

1.      What happened in your life to motivate you to go vegan?

2.      What led you to develop your intuitive abilities and then provide intuitive consultations? 

3.      Please tell us more about how you help others to act on their spiritual guidance?

4.      What are some practices each of us can do to enhance our intuition?

5.      How would developing our intuition help us to be better activists? Could it help with activist burnout and compassion fatigue?

During the final part of the video (around the 54 minute mark), I read aloud a small section from the proof-copy of Channel (although I received the invitation to be interviewed back in August last year, and was informed that the next available slot for guest speakers would not be until February 2019, this little proof-copy serendipitously arrived just a few days before the interview was scheduled). The section included a quote I heard during a speech given by ex-police officer and animal cruelty investigator Lyn White, due to its relevance to the concept of surrendering to something bigger than ourselves in order to best be of service to others.

As it was ‘activist appreciation month’, I also mentioned some people and organisations during the webinar that I have personally found very helpful and inspiring on my own journey.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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