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Whole Body Yes and Group Calls

whole body yes

December 2023

This month, I created yet another look for my newsletter. While I enjoyed playing around with new blue colours and adding my old logo to the November update, I’ve been wanting for a long time to make a very plain email template that matches the colour scheme and current tagline of my website. And now it’s done!

It really shows how being willing to do a task imperfectly and having fun with the process can help to bust through procrastination (in this case, waiting years to design a simple newsletter).

Whole Body Yes

I recently watched an episode on the Tim Ferriss show about getting unstuck and reducing drama in life; you can watch it here.

During the video, interviewee Diana Chapman (coach and co-author of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership) goes through an exercise to help people get in touch with how the body feels when facing something we clearly don’t want to do (the “clear no”), times when we’re not sure if we really want to do something (the “subtle no”), and situations that we clearly want to engage in at all levels – mental, emotional, and physical – the “whole body yes”. The concept of the whole body yes was mentioned in a previous article on 100% yeses.

As I did the exercise, I noticed that the whole body yes had an overall quality of levity for me. My heart felt light, and it was as though I could take more air into my lungs. By contrast, the clear no was like a tight swirling knot in my stomach, dark and heavy. The subtle no was similar to the clear no in terms of the swirling energy moving around the centre of my body. At the same time, it was less constricted, less visible in my mind’s eye, and not so heavy.

In the weeks since watching the video, I’ve been tuning in to my body before making various choices to feel if there’s a clear no, a subtle no, or a whole body yes. According to Diana Chapman, anything less than a whole body yes is actually a no, which makes decision-making quite simple.

For next year, I’d like to base all decisions about intuitive services, including pricing and available options, on whether I feel a whole body yes.

Group Calls

Earlier in the year, I began to limit group consultations to a maximum of three people per group, after hearing from previous participants that this was preferable to larger groups. When I tune in though, I feel a “no” to placing a limit on these groups. Allowing more people to join at a cheaper price feels like a whole body yes. Besides, the reality is that all the group sessions I’ve facilitated have been mostly small, intimate groups even when no limit was placed on them, so perhaps it was never necessary to do this.

Another thing that feels like a whole body yes is the idea of offering a monthly freebie for the group consults, made available to my monthly newsletter subscribers. I used to give away a freebie every month for many years previously, for different services. So, these freebies are back for as long as I feel a whole body yes about them. There will be three winners for the January to March 2024 period, and will be chosen using an online random selection tool.

Winners will be notified by Thursday 25 January. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the rest of 2023 and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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