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2024 Intention


January 2024

In December 2022, I shared my intention to commit to the four agreements (as outlined by Don Miguel Ruiz) for at least the following year. Below is a summary of my experience with each of those agreements in 2023, followed by my intention for 2024.

Review of the Four Agreements

1)    Be impeccable with your word: Commitment to this first agreement meant that I was more mindful of any temptation to gossip and occasionally reminded friends and family members when I didn’t want to discuss another person who was absent from a conversation. Admittedly, I occasionally broke this agreement by speaking about people who were not present and there always seemed to be a justifiable reason at the time. In other words, there’s definitely room for improvement with this one.

2)    Don’t take anything personally: This agreement was helpful whenever I felt hurt, confused, or angry about someone else’s behaviour. I was often quick to remind myself that the words and actions of others say more about them and when they are coming from, rather than about the person those words or actions were aimed towards (which was harder when that person was me!).

3)    Don’t make assumptions: Even while holding an intellectual understanding of how important it is to not make assumptions, I didn’t always feel the truth of this at a deep level. I am getting better at loosening my belief in various assumptions as they arise, but it’s still a work in progress. 

4)    Always do your best: Overall, I’d say that I did do my best last year given the circumstances of my life and having to work within my own personal limitations. My best certainly wasn’t perfect, and I could have done a better job at remembering my commitment to the four agreements, perhaps by posting visual reminders where I would easily see them each day. I confess that there were phases that lasted weeks when I totally forgot about the agreements.

2024 Intention

For 2024 my intention is one that I’ll remind myself of daily, and is probably simple enough to remember without any reminders at all. As covered in the last update, I want to feel the “whole body yes” more often for anything related to my intuitive work. It later occurred to me that I’d like to extend this to all other areas of life as well, and to increase my awareness of that “yes” when it arises (as well as when it's missing) as a first step towards this goal.

So, my intention is this: Any time I have to make a choice – whether it’s on a particular action to take, who to see, where to go, what to eat, or what to say – I’ll tune in to my body and feel if there’s a whole body yes. I’m not restricting my options to only whole-body-yes outcomes, but rather to the ongoing process of noticing if it’s there or not.

It's always fun when people join me for a particular experiment or commitment at the start of the year, so please let me know if you want to do this one with me too :)

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