For more on how to listen, enjoy, and trust your intuition, check out the Clear Channel Course here.

Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive consultations can be booked as a one-on-one appointment or as part of a group session. 

  • Appointments are available between 10am-6pm AEST (Sydney, Australia time) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and monthly Saturdays. 
  • Group consultations are held on the first Saturday of the month at 11am AEST, and must be booked at least three days in advance. 
  • All calls are held online via Google Meet (GMeet).

IMPORTANT: Before you book, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page here (including the section 'What Happens During an Intuitive Consultation?') so that you know what to expect in advance. 

Book a Consultation

Select what type of consultation you would like from the drop down menu below, then click on 'Pay Now' button. 

Please do NOT close the window after payment, as you will automatically be directed to another webpage to complete your booking. 

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