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Intuitive Services

Intuitive services are available via phone, Skype, and email. You can learn more about these services on the Frequently Asked Questions page here (please ensure that you read over what to expect and other important information on this FAQ page before making a booking). 

Please don't close the window after payment, but wait to click on the link 'Return to Jessica Ang' (allow up to 10 seconds for this to pop up) to complete your booking.

One-off Intuitive Services

For an intuitive consultation via phone or Skype, you will have the opportunity to discuss and explore your energy/chakras, as well as address any questions you may have about your life, as they arise. 

Intuitive Consultation (Phone, Skype, or Email

For the email service, you will receive an intuitive message (I'll tune in and share whatever information comes through after asking what would be most helpful for you to know), including some discussion of your chakras and a response to a question* if you have one. No back-and-forth messages are required; all you need to do is simply open your email after you receive it. This message will be sent within three business days.

*Please note that this is not a fortune-telling service. Any requests to predict a future outcome or to provide information about other people will not be answered (e.g. "When will I meet my soulmate/get promoted/etc?" or "What is my ex doing now?"), so please only ask about a current issue, area of life or situation that relates to you personally (e.g. "What can I do to improve my relationship/career satisfaction/etc..."). 

10-Week Package

Enjoy receiving intuitive services via phone, Skype and/or email as desired and mutually agreed upon over a 10-week period. There is no fixed limit to the amount of bookings you can schedule during that time. The package is 3000 AUD (Australian dollars), and includes access to the online Clear Channel course. If you would like to sign up for the package, please send me a message.

"I felt my chakras as I've never felt them before, and I came away with valuable tools in my spiritual journey. Jess was able to get me to a place of power and confidence about my intuition - this is beyond invaluable.” ~ Soo L. (Brooklyn, NY, USA).  

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