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10-Week Package

Enjoy receiving intuitive services via phone, Skype and/or email as desired and mutually agreed upon over a 10-week period. There is no fixed limit to the amount of bookings you can schedule during that time.

If you are not completely satisfied with the services received during the first week, then you can request a refund for the remaining nine weeks. Due to the strictly limited number of clients I can work with in this capacity, and the amount of time and energy that will be invested, please make sure that you are one hundred percent committed to getting the most out of your package before you sign up.  

If you would like to join the waiting list for this package, please send me a message.

“I got so much out of my 10-week package with Jess - there was a huge benefit to committing to this upfront, because it helped me set a powerful intention for what I wanted to achieve by the end. It really allowed momentum and focus to build, and with every session I found that I was accessing my intuition more easily and developing my own insights more quickly. It's also striking that now, years later, I see the wisdom of some of the things Jess was pointing out to me back then even more clearly, in unexpected ways! I feel that this is a powerful way to bring about positive change.”

~ N. Johnson (Australia)

“My life is REALLY turning around! I am grateful and active every day. I am remembering my connection to spirit. I am getting on better [with others]. You were the instrument that has made this HUGE change in my life. I am moving into happiness and joy for so many reasons. You and my guides have given me SO many tools that I am implementing now, and cool ways to deal with difficult people or situations. I truly recommend doing the 10 weeks with Jess. It’s brilliant!!”

~ N. Dowling (Australia)

"I began my course with Jess within weeks of telling my partner that I felt stuck; that there were things I wanted to achieve but I was overwhelmed when it came to direction and action steps. I said I was ready to make important changes, but I just needed someone to guide me. So, I was understandably thrilled when I found out about the 10-week course. 

As the course progressed, my general excitement for life and the course itself only increased. It wasn't long before I was gushing to others about having a personalised 'life cheat sheet'. A few were hesitant about the costs, but when you consider what you're getting, the price is cheap. Besides, in a selfish way, other people's cynicism delighted me, because it's less people I have to compete with for such a good thing. There is only one intuitive Jess and I would happily keep her to myself, but from a gratitude standpoint I owe it to her to write an honest review. 

For Jess, her job is relatively simple. She's not a life coach who takes your information and personally calculates what she considers would work for you - she connects directly with guidance that is solely applicable to you, for your own well-being. The information she has is specifically for your greater good, no one else's, that's why it's so powerful. It's also quite fun. Perhaps what was most essential for my own comfort was Jess being a naturally compassionate and non-judgmental person, so her sessions were an excellent space to work on personal development. 

There are no strict demands or penalties in the course but it's a two way street - whether you decide to follow the guidance to receive the benefits is entirely up to you. You could compare it to a personal trainer who happens to know that sit-ups would improve your physique more than jumping jacks; if you refuse to do the sit-ups, that's on you. Definitely don't take this course if you are expecting Jess to perform miracles without you having to lift a finger - the course is interactive and rewarding. 

I highly recommend recording sessions (actually, I believe this is critical) because memories can be easily wiped or distorted, and there were many occasions I'd have never given Jess credit for outcomes had I not listened back to the audio and realised her advice was responsible for so much change and the predictions she supplied were fulfilled. Honestly the only times an expected change or development didn't happen, was when I didn't do an agreed upon task. 

More than half a year later, I often listen back to the recordings because they are so strangely perceptive and uplifting; much better than any motivational talk, because these talks cater to my individual interests and I can see in the weeks, months (and eventually, years) that pass, how far I have come and how uncannily insightful Jess was."

~ Michelle E.A. (Australia)

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