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Goodbye Facebook, Hello Email Readings

January 2015

Hope you are having an awesome start to the year!

Here are a couple of changes that are happening in 2015 ...

Goodbye Facebook

Last year the Jess Ang Intuitive facebook page was introduced, and it was announced that a free monthly reading would be offered until the end of 2014. Anyone who clicked 'Like' and who also signed up for email updates had a chance to win, and the name of each winner was put up on the facebook page. 

Other than possibly sharing an occasional quote, photo, or idea, I couldn't think of many reasons why I would want to keep the page after the free readings offer was over. So this month I chose to remove the page from facebook.

Thank you to everyone who liked and/or commented on the Jess Ang Intuitive page! Even though it's time to say goodbye to it now, it was still fun having it there for a while and I really enjoyed reading for all of the monthly winners, some of whom had never had a reading before.

Hello Email Readings

As you may already be aware, a pre-tune is done prior to a phone reading in order to go through a person's chakras and to ask to receive any messages from their higher self or spiritual guidance before calling. This means that more information can be covered during the reading, often with spare time to answer extra questions as they pop up. It also makes it easier to pass on information more effectively rather than trying to talk, introduce myself, and receive messages all at the same time at the start of a call.

A couple of readings last January involved writing rather than having a two-way verbal discussion. One person couldn't seem to answer my calls, but we could still use the chat function on Skype. As I typed out information from the pre-tune and sent it to her, she would write back to confirm that she agreed with each point. For another lady I gave a reading to, she could hear me but I couldn't hear her, so I ended up talking for the whole reading, while she used Skype chat to type messages in response to what I was saying.

I've wondered for a while now whether it would be worthwhile to write down the info from a pre-tune and send it to someone without actually needing to talk through it.  Although it wouldn't be possible to cover an issue in as much depth compared to a phone reading, I thought it could be fun to try out a new email reading option. It might be a little tricky though because there would be no feedback during a reading. I could potentially misinterpret a word, feeling, or image without being able to check that it makes sense, or a message may be misunderstood by someone if there's no conversation to clarify what it means.

To see if this can work without a person's input during a reading, the plan is to offer a trial period of free email readings soon in exchange for people's feedback using an online survey. I hope that if I can consistently offer clear and accurate readings without connecting to someone over the phone or in person, this could be a much more convenient option for people who are busy or who don't want to wait to schedule a call.

I'll keep you posted about this, so stay tuned!

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