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Space Clearing and Email Readings

February 2015

Space Clearing

It sounds a little corny, but there are some books out there that really do change your life once you read them. For me, 'Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui' by Karen Kingston was one of those books.

I particularly enjoyed the part about the 'bagua', as it outlines which areas of your life correspond with each section of your home. Karen's work and recommendations also led me to learn from the Clairvision School, which had a profound impact on my life. I attribute much of my ability to sense energy and connect to spiritual presences to having trained with this school for a number of years.

Before 'Clear Your Clutter', Karen Kingston wrote a book on 'Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui', which describes the process for clearing stuck energy and creating a more sacred space in your home. This is said to affect other areas of your life in a positive way too.

Last year it was announced that a UK-based space clearer (trained by Karen Kingston) would be in Australia for a couple of weeks in 2015, so I eagerly took up the chance to schedule a clearing for my own home.

Although Karen does not seem very fond of the word 'psychic', the space clearing itself was almost like having a psychic reading. Rather than reading palms, stars, tarot cards or chakras, the space clearer appeared to read walls, furniture, and objects with accuracy. He started at the front door, held out his hand, and said, “just like reading a book”. It was interesting that he could sense things even behind closed wardrobe doors and filing cases. He correctly pointed out the folders, cases, or cupboards that had outdated, no-longer-loved items inside them, even though from the outside they looked the same as other folders/cases/cupboards nearby.

There was one object at home that I didn't quite feel was really mine, but at the same time the person who gave it to me didn't need it anymore. The clearer stopped over this object and asked, “is this yours, Jess?” He then went on to ask more questions about why it was there and why I may feel resistance to letting it go. In the Clear Your Clutter book, there is mention of gifts and other items that people can hang onto due to guilt, grief, or procrastination (“I'll deal with it later”). Apparently continuing to keep such things will create stagnant energy that can hold you back in life in various ways. Sometimes clearing out those items is easier said than done, though!

The space clearing also involved clapping and ringing bells to disperse stagnant energy, and there were candles and flowers too which added a nice touch to the whole experience. A list of recommendations and to-do items was made afterwards with the space clearer's help, with the purpose of continuing to move forward and to build on any momentum that may have been created during the clearing.

While there's always the possibility that it's just a placebo effect, and the space clearing was only very recent, I have been feeling more direction and clarity since it was done. I'm hoping that any positive effects are long-lasting :)

For more information, I highly recommend Karen Kingston's books. If you are thinking of having a professional space clearing for your own place, Karen has trained people all around the world so you might even track down a space clearer close to where you live if you do a little internet search on the topic.

Email Readings

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