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Email Reading Feedback

March 2015

Email Reading Feedback

Over the last couple of months I've been doing free email readings and receiving people's feedback about them.

These readings ended up being more challenging in certain ways compared to phone and face-to-face readings. I assumed that each email reading would take about the same amount of time, but they didn't. The time taken ranged from about 20 minutes to over an hour. On some days after doing readings I felt quite drained, so I had to work out a way to cope a little better on an energetic level, such as by taking more breaks and limiting the number of readings completed in a day. I knew that I would be tuning in to each person and writing down the impressions and messages that came up, just like before a phone reading, except this time I was sending that information straight to each person without being able to talk about it. This was not an easy process for me, as I had to really trust that the information would make sense and be accurate for whoever would be receiving it.

The amount of information that came through also varied greatly. Some readings included paragraphs of information, and some contained a message of only one or two sentences. Short readings often took as much time to do as the longer ones, partly because I continued to sit there trying to tune in for more information! Interestingly, there were people who loved the shorter readings and described them as having a big impact, while others who received a long one (by comparison) said that they would have preferred more details.

For those of you who completed the online survey after having an email reading – thank you! I loved your feedback. Not only for the encouragement and confirmation when the readings were accurate, but also for the constructive criticism, extra comments, and very detailed information that was occasionally sent via email, as the survey was described as too short to write everything down (it was a three-question survey).

Here's a short summary of the responses to each survey question:

1) What was most enjoyable or helpful about the email reading?

The most common response was that the message from one's guides was the most enjoyable/helpful aspect of the reading, especially when words were quoted and seemed to directly come from the guides (some people mentioned that the particular words used had a lot of meaning for them, or they'd been thinking of those exact words recently, so I'm glad I didn't paraphrase anything in those cases!). Other answers included: enjoying the chakra reading, the convenience of receiving a reading via email; being able to keep the email and review the words again rather than relying on notes or memory; and feeling motivated, more self-aware, or having more clarity about areas for improvement after receiving the reading.

2) Was there anything that was inaccurate, or do you have any comments or suggestions for improvement?

Three people said they were confused about the message received, whether it was about one part of the message, or the whole thing. I was sorry to hear that, and I know it would be ideal if this could be prevented from happening again, but I'm not sure that I could ever guarantee this due to the limitations of offering a written reading vs. having a conversation over the phone.

Five people felt that part of their chakra reading was less accurate – the majority of these related to the crown chakra, which is associated with spirituality. It could be that due to the intangible nature of spirituality, any interpretation in this area may be more likely to be mistaken or misunderstood – it can't really be backed up by concrete evidence. In light of this, I may need to take more care with how I interpret and communicate the images or feelings that come up when tuning into the crown chakra.

Regarding comments or ideas for improvement, a number of people suggested that it would have been nice to have more details and to be able to ask a specific question. A few people did send in a question, and one stated that receiving an answer to her question was her favourite part of the reading. Opinions differed regarding the structure of the readings – some loved the structure, while others did not like the bullet-point format so much.

A couple of respondents expressed an interest in follow-up services or package deals, especially to address issues to do with energy flow and healing in certain areas/chakras.

3) How much do you think an email reading would be worth?

Answers ranged from $10-$20 to over $300 AUD, with the majority falling in the $50 to $100 range. One respondent asked that the readings be affordable, and others suggested that the readings be priced above the market rate. I'm not sure what 'affordable' or 'above the market rate' would be exactly. Some people included different pricing options for several types of email readings, which I hadn't even considered!

Future Email Readings

Overall, this email reading trial turned out to be really rewarding. I'll take all of the survey responses into account, and although I was intending to offer one email reading option if the free reading trial went well, I am now considering offering a variety of readings based on your ideas, feedback, and descriptions of several different options that you've said you would like.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any strong preferences or ideas for what sort of email reading options you may be interested in, just in case I haven't thought of them yet :)

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the email reading trial!

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