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MBS and Services Update


May 2023

Last weekend I went to Sydney’s Mind Body Spirit Festival. Having attended this event to work as a reader for several years previously, I was excited to be going again as a customer. There would be much time to explore everything I wanted, rather than be limited to just a short lunch break to check out what was on offer.

As soon as I got there, I grabbed some lunch and then chose to exit the festival. It didn’t feel right to sit inside – it was loud and crowded with an atmosphere of chaos. This is not untypical of festivals, yet it didn’t feel conducive to good digestion.

After finishing my meal outside, I noticed that my mind was eager to re-enter the festival hall, while my body felt uneasy about it. As I walked back inside, a strong urge to leave arose again.

A fair compromise was made between the part of myself that wanted to enjoy the festival, and the part that wanted to get out: I would wait long enough to book and receive a psychic reading (always the highlight for me at any MBS event) before making my escape. 

When I got to the reading hall where numerous psychics were at work, there was a sign up to say that all readers were booked out until 5pm, meaning the wait would be several hours. While a little disappointed, my biggest feeling was relief. I now had a legitimate excuse to leave!

I then booked a reading at another location within walking distance called the Argyle Oracle. My mind and body were no longer conflicted – both were pleased with this plan.

My first ever reading had been at the Mind Body Spirit festival at Darling Harbour, Sydney. The second place I had a reading was at the Argyle Oracle, as organised by a friend as part of the festivities for her Hen’s Night.

Upon entering the Argyle Oracle again, it was amusing to see that at least a couple of faces were familiar from so many years ago. I said to this to the man who greeted me, and he responded wryly, “I’m always here.” He directed me to go upstairs, where I proceeded to enjoy a great reading in a visually appealing, comfortable, and quiet space.

One of the first things the reader told me was how important it is to prioritise my own health and wellbeing, rather than get caught up in anxiety about helping other people. She also mentioned that a certain business of mine had been put on hold while a lot of other things were going on in my life, and that business activities would resume again this year.

Earlier in the month, a friend asked why I had stopped offering intuitive services the first time. I couldn’t really remember the reason on the spot. It was only after receiving that reading on the weekend that the realisation dawned on me: the decision to put readings/consultations on hold had been for different reasons at different times throughout my intuitive career, but they all had a common thread. For whatever cause, I needed to nurture and take care of myself at those times. A couple of obvious examples include the months after my father’s death, and the sabbatical I took after releasing both the Clear Channel Course and my book, You Crazy Vegan, around the same time.

I know that the world of psychic readings gets a bad rap at times, with one common assumption being that readers are simply faking it. However, a genuine reading requires a certain level of physical and emotional strength on the part of the reader. Without honouring this need, both the reader’s level of well-being and the quality of their readings can suffer. My belief is that it’s better to put intuitive work on hold and come back to it later when refreshed, rather than push through and risk doing harm, however slight it may be.

About a year and a half after I started working at MBS Festivals, I was told by another intuitive that my guides were happy for me to be working at the festivals for now, but that I’d move on from them at a certain point. That point might just have occurred last weekend, as I don’t currently have any desire to attend the festival for work or leisure in the near future. 

I was reluctant at first to share what seemed to be my own physical aversion to the latest MBS festival – was this somehow being disloyal to my profession? But after the positive experience at Argyle Oracle, and the enthusiasm I felt when viewing the books, crystals, reading cards, and other intuitive-related goodies downstairs, it was clear that I can continue to love the whole world of psychic phenomena and spiritual development, while at the same time being honest about how I feel in certain environments. For the future, my preference is to give and receive intuitive services in a more private, calm space rather than in a festival setting.


Intuitive consultations can now be booked on this website. You can check out the options, pricing, and availability here.

While the one-on-one services need no introduction, the group consultations are more recent and deserve a little explanation as to what’s involved.

Like a one-one-one session, the group calls start and finish with a chakra meditation. However, the group format also allows participants to practice their intuitive abilities by tuning in to one another’s energy and receiving guidance for others on the call.

Some of the feedback received about these group calls include that they have been “energising”, “valuable”, “healing”, “supportive”, with the bonus of “phenomenal” guidance.

I had no idea what to expect when these group calls commenced. I didn’t expect that people would often get similar answers in order to offer clarity to a particular person, or that in some instances, someone would describe the same answer, vision, or words that I had received but not shared.

One memorable instance occurred when, as we all tuned in to one participant, I got an image of a naked woman bathing outside in a river, similar to the image depicted in my tarot deck for The Star (symbolising rejuvenation). Another woman spoke first, saying that she had the vision of this participant in the nude, being cleansed by water. She went on to interpret the visual message in a way that was very similar to what I was going to say. I got goosebumps when that happened.

This kind of experience isn’t necessarily the norm, and it’s just as enjoyable to hear people describe different impressions or answers in response to a question that’s been posed.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what message is received during these group calls, or how it’s received. A vision can be just as valid as a strong gut feeling or an answer that comes through in words, and vice versa.

A common fear that’s been expressed is that an answer won’t be “right” or won’t make sense to the person it’s intended for. The point is not to be right all the time, it’s to get more comfortable with receiving intuitive guidance as well as sharing it, no matter how nerve-wracking it may be. Shortly after completing my professional intuitive training, I was told by the trainer, Erin Pavlina: “People don’t realise how much courage it takes to do a reading; to tell a complete stranger about intimate details of their life.” The group consultations allow the opportunity to build this courage without the pressure of having to be right, and while having fun at the same time :)

Whether you decide to book a one-on-one appointment, a group consultation, or simply open the next email update to arrive in your inbox from me, I look forward to connecting with you again soon! 

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