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Fancy a Group Session?
Have Your Say for 2023

August 2022

The final group call for the Clear Channel Course was held earlier this month. We reviewed the biggest takeaways, celebrations and challenges that were experienced over the time that we’d worked through the 10 lessons of the course.

Toward the one-hour mark, I tuned in to make sure we were ready to end the call. During one-on-one consultations, I often get the impression of a group of guides giving a thumbs up sign to show that everything important has been addressed and that we’re ready to wind up. This time, I got a vision of my own group of guides giving a thumbs up, another participant’s guides giving a thumbs up, and then another person’s guides not giving a thumbs up. That was interesting.

I asked that person, “Is there anything else about the course you want to cover before we finish? Anything to clarify?” She said no. Yet the guides were still not giving a thumbs up.

“Are you sure there’s nothing else?”

There was a bit of a pause. Then she shared that it would be great to continue some sort of group activity in addition to the 10 calls for the year. “Do we have to stop?” she asked.

Everyone agreed to go a little over time to have a chat about options to consider.

To Record or Not to Record?

One issue we explored was whether it would be better to record future calls or not. The main benefit to having a recording is that participants can review the content at a later time. It also allows others to listen to what was discussed if they weren’t able to attend the call live. The downside of recording a call is that participants might feel reluctant to share as much, due to feeling self-conscious or wanting to protect their privacy.

The consensus seemed to be that it was preferable to have no recording. One participant who had experienced both the recorded and unrecorded group calls for the Clear Channel Course observed that she found the unrecorded sessions more enjoyable. She said it was easier to share more about her life and intuition in a way that felt safe and intimate, and was able to take more risks on the calls that would otherwise have been avoided.

For example, during the ninth group call, I felt that the participants were ready to try reading each other’s chakras. There was some hesitancy to that invitation but also a sense of nervous excitement, and they eventually agreed to do this. It was really fun to listen as each person shared impressions about the other’s energy, and received feedback to validate what they were seeing or feeling.

One thing that I found memorable from that particular call was how all of us received the same impression at the beginning of the activity. Our visions differed slightly, yet we all got the sense of a team of guides behind each person giving a gentle ‘push’ and coaxing them into the activity, like adults encouraging shy children to play with one another. This chakra-reading exercise may never have gone ahead if the call had been recorded.

General Q&A, CCC Calls, and Group Readings

During the month preceding the final call, I’d actually felt a push myself towards focusing more on group calls, but wasn’t sure what this would involve. I wondered if something like a Q&A call every month or so might work, for anyone to join.

When I raised this possibility, the response was a little lukewarm. It was suggested that it might be best if each call could be structured and have a specific focus rather than be too open.

One person expressed the preference to keep the groups as small as possible. It was also said that participants would be more comfortable in groups where the same people joined the call for a set period of time, rather than open it up for anyone to join at any time.

However, it was also said that larger groups could be worthwhile because it would allow more people to access support, strategies and helpful ideas while seeking to live a more inspired life.

There was interest in the potential to have group readings too, where participants could have the opportunity to ask questions and receive spiritual guidance, as well as explore the seven main chakras.

The idea of having calls on an ongoing basis to explore practices and experiences from the Clear Channel Course was mentioned.

One participant’s preference was to have only the people who were working through the 10-week course join the calls. This would mean they’d be going through each lesson at the same time and all be on a similar page.

The pros and cons of having one-off calls randomly versus a more regular type of call were weighed up. It seemed that working in a group for a period of 10 weeks was preferred, although it was acknowledged that there could be value in having less frequent group sessions too.

After hearing these various ideas and suggestions, I ‘saw’ the last group of guides indicate that we could now wrap up the call. I’m glad they refused to give the thumbs up sign earlier, as this discussion of group calls would not have taken place otherwise!

Your Say

If you’re interested in taking part in a group activity of some sort in 2023, I’d love to hear your responses to the following five questions:

1. What sort of group activity would you be interested in, if any?

a. Group calls for the Clear Channel Course, to focus on applying the lessons and to share experiences in a supportive format.

b. Q&A calls for anyone to join. This would allow the opportunity to ask about any topic related to living intuitively.

c. Group intuitive consultations. Similar to a one-on-one consultation, each session would begin and end with a chakra meditation, and allow time for participants to pose questions and open up energetically to receive guidance.

d. Other (please specify)

2. How often would you like this activity to be offered?

a. Once a month or less

b. Once a fortnight

c. Once a week

d. Weekly or fortnightly for a set period of time (please specify)

e. Other (please specify)

3. Would you like the activity (or activities) to be:

a. Free of charge

b. By donation only

c. Other (please specify)

4. How many people would you like to participate in each activity?

a. I don’t mind

b. The smaller the better (please specify the optimal range and/or the maximum number of people you’d be comfortable with)

c. The larger the better (please specify the minimum number of people you’d be comfortable with)

5. Is there anything else you would like to suggest or share?

Thank you!

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