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God and Plans


April 2023

In recent months I’ve heard variations of the same message a significant number of times, from different people, in both written and verbal form. The message suggests that we need not take our plans so seriously, as indicated by quotes such as:

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”
“God laughs at our plans.”
“God’s plan works, yours doesn’t.”

As someone who has typically loved to plan, set goals, create schedules, stick to routines, and at times been sceptical of the concept of God, it’s interesting that these quotes have really resonated with me.

I do believe that the more we can let go of our personal agendas, and the more willing we are to receive intuitive guidance, the more smoothly our lives will run and the more fulfilment we can enjoy.

From personal experience, such a way of living tends to lead to a degree of contentment or even joy regardless of external circumstances, as well as increased instances of synchronicity. I don’t experience these things as much when my focus is on creating and sticking to my own plans, rather than remaining open to inspiration.

Many people have also attested to the fact that this type of surrendering approach may lead to more worldly success and achievements as well; the results are not limited to internal benefits.

Despite all this, I frequently catch myself focusing on detailed, logical plans rather than on what my intuition is saying at a particular moment. And sometimes I push forward even when my inner voice seems to tell me to stop or go in another direction. In other words, I don’t always practice what I preach.

Last week I turned on the radio and tried to tune it so that I could hear a particular station. When I turned the dial one way, there was quite a bit of static. As I turned it the other way, the sound was better but there was a slight overlap with another radio station. I could hear the classical piano music playing from one station while hearing a man’s voice making news announcements from the other. It meant that neither station could be heard clearly. As I moved the dial back and forth, it reminded me of the aim to be a clear channel for inspiration, and how fixating on personal plans can get in the way. It’s as though it creates some sort of energetic static. Sometimes the channel becomes only a little bit affected, and sometimes it is totally unlistenable. I decided to make a renewed commitment to choose inspiration over any pre-existing plans from that point.

In late 2022 I announced that one-on-one consultations would no longer be available over the coming year due to plans to work on other projects.

What I’ve felt since then – you may have guessed – is that I’m supposed to be offering one-on-one consultations over the coming year. Each time I feel it, I experience synchronicity. On the first occasion late one night, I felt my intuition nudging me back towards the individual consultations/readings. I received a message the next morning from someone overseas, with positive specific feedback about an email reading she had received from me years ago. It’s been a while since I’ve done readings via email, so this kind of feedback isn’t received very often nowadays.

The next time I felt the “nudge”, I was asked by someone else shortly afterwards if I’d consider doing a one-on-one reading.

Then it happened again.

And then again.

Sometimes the requests also included some acknowledgment of the statement on my website, stating that one-on-one sessions are not available. In the last couple of months alone, I’ve received more requests for individual sessions than I have for years.

So, in the spirit of not taking my own plans too seriously, I will be offering one-on-one intuitive consultations to book on my website again soon despite my earlier announcement last year. The other projects I had intended to focus on instead will just have to wait :)

For the past several years, one-on-one sessions have been available only as part of a ten-week package or for participants of the ten-week Clear Channel Course. I’m intending to offer these individual sessions as a one-off option again.

As for the group intuitive consultations, this is something I definitely would like to continue. After having trialled this option for a few months, it’s become clear that I really love facilitating these groups. From the feedback received, it seems that others have loved participating in the group calls too.

Further details will be shared next month regarding both the group calls and individual consultations to be offered for the remainder of the year (and perhaps beyond).

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