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You Crazy Vegan

February 2021

In the last update, I shared how the publication of You Crazy Vegan: Coming Out as a Vegan Intuitive was taking longer than expected and that I needed to just surrender to the timing of it all, without stressing too much about it. 

Well, this month I was advised that You Crazy Vegan had been sent off to the printer for the very first printed copy. The proof copy has now arrived for review, after which we’ll be another step closer to publication, yay!

Here’s a summary of the book, which will be included on the back cover: 

Have you ever felt compelled to hide who you are or what you really care about? 

You Crazy Vegan: Coming Out as a Vegan Intuitive is a true story of a girl who learns that it’s not always wise to share your passions or spirituality (you could get slapped!), nor to question common assumptions held by the majority (frequent criticism and dire warnings may follow).  

Somewhere along the journey from being a meat-eating teenager to a vegan woman – one who quits a respectable job to become a professional intuitive – author Jessica Ang decides that some things are worth saying and standing up for, despite the risk of disapproval. 

Learn how to let go of old habits, strive for a vision that matters to you, and be guided by enthusiasm. This book also offers much food for thought for anyone transitioning to a more plant-based lifestyle or who is simply curious about veganism. 

Ultimately, this book is about the freedom to choose how you want to live and be true to yourself, no matter what other people might have to say about it.

In case you’re interested, here’s an outline of the book below.

There are three parts. Part I, “Figure”, follows my own story from being a confused schoolkid to concluding that becoming a vegetarian was the right choice for me. It touches on the freedom we have to figure things out for ourselves, the freedom that comes from being as healthy as possible, and the freedom to question the information we hear from others – whether it be about what we should think or believe or eat – through our ability to decipher fact from fiction. Part I includes the following chapter headings:

CHAPTER 1: F**k!

CHAPTER 2: Fellatio to Freedom

CHAPTER 3: Fourteen and Confused  

CHAPTER 4: Fairy Tales  

CHAPTER 5: Fact-Finding 

CHAPTER 6: Force for Good  

Part II, “Forgive”, covers the freedom that can be obtained through forgiving other people and ourselves, freedom to choose what we put into our bodies (through facing our own cravings, responding to offers of food from others, and learning how to prepare for lapses), freedom from all-consuming fury about injustice or anything else, and the freedom to love those closest to us no matter what they do, eat, or say. Part II includes:

CHAPTER 7: Family of Hunters 

CHAPTER 8: Flustered by Cravings 

CHAPTER 9: Facing Offers

CHAPTER 10: Fear of Lapses 

CHAPTER 11: Fury  

CHAPTER 12: Forgiveness After Trauma

CHAPTER 13: Family of Teachers

Part III, “Free”, is about our freedom to live joyfully even while involved in challenging activism work, to strive for a vision of the world we want even if it may seem like a mere fantasy based on how things are today, to be what others may call “extreme” and to own it, and to live in alignment with our values as well as engage in what interests us with enthusiasm. There’s even a chapter involving intuitive tarot to address more issues relevant to freedom and coming out as a vegan intuitive. The chapters in the third part of the book are as follows:

CHAPTER 14: Free to be Joyous 

CHAPTER 15: Fun with Tarot 

CHAPTER 16: Fantasy Worth Striving For

CHAPTER 17: Revolution 

CHAPTER 18: Extreme 

CHAPTER 19: Enthusiasm  

Thirty percent of profits from You Crazy Vegan book sales will be donated to an animal protection charity.

Hopefully I’ll know more about the publication date soon! 

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