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Clear Channel Course

March 2021

As of last week, all 10 lessons for the new online Clear Channel Course have been uploaded. 

This course is intended to be practical in nature, with weekly recommended activities that are designed to help boost your confidence and strengthen your ability to access your intuition. 

The audio recordings range from 18 minutes to 38 minutes in length, and there are written transcripts and summaries for people who might prefer to read the material rather than listen. 

A few of the first participants to sign up for the course were happy to share their experiences and questions during weekly group calls as they worked through the 10-week course. This won’t be an ongoing feature of the course (it was more of a bonus option for those who had enough faith to sign up prior to any course content being created!). However, these calls were recorded and can be replayed from the course website to hear short guided meditations and discussions relating to the content for each week.  

The course follows the following structure:

• Course Introduction: Includes a summary of what will be covered and some tips on how to work through the course to get the most out of it. 

• Week 1: Ask: Learn to ask for the clarity or answers that you want, and to actively listen to what your intuition has to say.  

• Week 2: Spiritual Beliefs and Intuition: Uncover your beliefs about intuitive abilities, the source of intuition, and the value of meditation, and choose what beliefs to keep in order to hear your intuition better.  

• Week 3: Kindness, Compassion, and Connection: Explore the importance of relationships and connecting with others while developing your intuition. 

• Week 4: Answers: What sort of answers might you receive after listening to your intuition? What intuitive modalities can such answers come through? This will be covered in Week 4. 

• Week 5: “No!” How to Say No to Others to Stay True to Yourself: Become better at saying “no” and create boundaries to honour your intuitive knowing, even if it doesn’t always match what other people want for you. 

• Week 6: Down in the Dumps? How to Improve Your Energy and Mood for Greater Intuitive Ability: Consider different ways to improve your level of energy and mood so that you can enjoy your intuitive ability even more (as you’re probably already aware, lethargy, depression, and anxiety can really interfere with your capacity to tap in to your intuition). 

• Week 7: Open and Surrender: Open and surrender to your intuition, and see what happens! Don’t be surprised if this leads you to take a lot of action (as opposed to remaining passive in your life) and to become aware of new opportunities and possibilities you hadn’t noticed before.  

• Week 8: Power of Trusting and Preparing for Change: Prepare for change as a way to demonstrate to others and yourself that you’re ready to let go of things as they are now, and trust enough to allow new experiences into your life that are more aligned with who you really are and what feels right to you. 

• Week 9: Energy and Chakras: Use your intuition to tune into your own energy and chakras (a Sanskrit word to describe your main energetic centres). 

• Week 10: Now: The final week of the course focuses on the importance of staying in the here-and-now, and trusting your intuition enough to guide you each moment.  

In regard to the name of this course (and the book that it’s based on), I use the words “clear channel” to refer to the ability to be clear enough – in terms of having the clarity and intuitive strength – to receive inspiration if and when it comes through. With enough practice and persistence, I believe that most people can develop the ability to do this, and become better channels for inspiration :)  

So if this sounds like your kind of thing, or would perhaps benefit a friend or family member, maybe ask your intuition for confirmation! If the answer is “yes”, you can go to the sign up page here.  

Incidentally, 30 minutes after the cut-off time for the early bird discount, the March equinox will occur. The next couple of days is therefore a great window of time to commit to something new or set an important intention for your life. You can read more about equinoxes in my 2017 article on the topic.  

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