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Blessings Made Tangible


May 2024

While doing an intuitive consultation a few weeks ago, something interesting occurred during the initial tune in. As usual, I invited the other person on the call to spend a few moments silently setting an intention for what they wanted to experience or get clarity on. I never ask what that intention is, and only suggest that in the absence of anything specific, it often helps to simply aim to go with the flow and be as open as possible to receive whatever guidance is available. After this, we proceed to focus on chakras.

On this recent occasion, however, for the intention-setting phase I felt a wave of warmth, white light, and loving energy envelop me. It was like receiving a friendly hug, only from someone’s spiritual self rather than physical body. After the short chakra meditation was over, I couldn’t help but ask what had happened, if anything, when the intention for the call was set.

I was told by the other person that she had felt gratitude towards me at that moment, experienced a desire to give to me in some way as well as receive, and had envisioned her white light intertwining with mine, while raising up together and becoming more bright and powerful. This was certainly not what I expected! It also confirmed that what I’d felt was not random, nor the product of my imagination.

This reminded me of a time from years ago when I had been giving my mum a foot massage. Out of nowhere, I suddenly got the sense of having delicate, sparkly white light particles showering upon me. I’ve felt the presence of non-physical light before, such as during meditation, but the quality of this was different. It was as though the light was for me, like some sort of blessing. 

My mum’s eyes were closed so I didn’t want to disturb her, but there was a clear intuitive nudge to tell her what had happened. “Hmm,” I said aloud. “I feel like I’ve been blessed.” I rarely use that word, but there was no better one to describe it. Mum opened her eyes and asked “Really? I was just praying to send you blessings.”

Unlike the recent consultation, when it was accepted by both of us on the call that an intention had led to an actual effect, Mum had trouble accepting that she had played any part in my experience – even though it had been her prayer for me to be blessed at the time. “The cynical part of me can’t believe it,” she told me. “But then, I was wanting to send you blessings at that exact moment. Surely it couldn’t be a coincidence, could it? I just don’t see how it’s possible.”

If we stay open to the idea that this sort of phenomenon is possible, imagine the implications this has for simple practices such as wishing someone well, doing loving kindness meditation, or thinking of someone we care about while intending to send positive energy. It’s well established that these things can have a beneficial effect on those who engage in them, but the possibility that a recipient could also be affected takes this to a whole new level.

So, the next time you send an email, answer the phone, see someone face to face, or prepare for an online meeting, why not intend for the most loving, caring energy imaginable to flow to the people you’re about to interact with? At worst, nothing much will happen. At best, it might help them feel more loved, even blessed, or just a little happier without necessarily knowing why :)

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