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WBY Update

WBY Update

April 2024

As intended at the start of 2024, I have continued to check in regarding the whole body yes (WBY) on a daily basis for the past 3 months. Here’s an update on how this has impacted me and my intuitive practice so far.

For one thing, it might be time to fire my spirit guides.

When I tune in each morning for intuitive or spiritual guidance, my guides don’t have a lot of input to add anymore, other than perhaps affirm that I’m on track and that whatever I’m intending to do seems like a good idea to them as well. So, what used to be a 10 or 15-minute practice is now typically a few minutes or less.

Occasionally, some piece of advice or direction does come through. In those instances, the guidance is relevant to things that I feel stuck or confused about as far as the WBY is concerned. A recent example is where I initially felt a WBY about an upcoming holiday, and then didn’t. After tuning in for further clarity, it became obvious that it was not so much the holiday destination that failed the WBY test, but rather the dates that had been booked for it. Having now changed the dates it does feel more like a WBY again. Were my guides required for this insight? Possibly, in that I was offered a new perspective on the situation. Then again, I may have been able to create a WBY scenario on my own with a few minor tweaks to those holiday plans.

However, even without any guidance at all I am still likely to continue tuning in each morning, as I like the energy that’s created with this practice. It’s comparable to when we love being in someone’s presence – it’s enough to sit with them without necessarily receiving advice or taking anything from them. I still enjoy the process of meditating on my energetic centres (or chakras) before tuning in to helpful spiritual presences. Holding the intention to connect with guides in this way feels like organising a catch up with a good friend – it's worth it, no matter how brief.

Then there’s the scenario of ignoring the WBY when it’s felt. This active dismissal of it appears to create very different results to simply moving forward while not being sure if it’s there. I’ve put no pressure on myself to follow the WBY, only to check in frequently to observe when it’s present, which probably makes it easier to feel it since I’m not being too strict with myself. Yet, when I consciously choose to dismiss the WBY there seem to be consequences that last well beyond the immediate situation. One or two times, it’s taken weeks to recover from the detour away from the WBY. For instance, ignoring the WBY about an apparently trivial meal decision resulted in eating something that wasn’t great for me, and I was unwell for quite a while afterwards.

Despite these lessons, I am still resolved to monitor my WBYs without forcing myself to act on them. It’s most likely that I’ll naturally begin to choose activities, places, and things that meet the WBY test anyway, due to positive reinforcement.

It was interesting that the invitation to do the WBY practice with me in the January 2024 update did not lead anyone else to commit to it this year (that I’m aware of), unlike every other previous yearly challenge or resolution I’ve shared. Some people mentioned that it would be nice to have more experiences of the WBY, but no one expressed the commitment to check in with themselves each day to see if they were feeling it. This intrigued me, as it seems a much easier resolution than other recent challenges (the no-complaining challenge being one of the hardest of all, and which also attracted the most responses!). Again, there’s no pressure to follow the WBY, only to become aware of it when it’s there.

As I renew my commitment to the daily WBY practice for the remainder of the year, I’d love to hear from you whether you’d like to give it a try, or if not, what hesitations might be at play. Is it too elusive? Is it not a priority? Is it perhaps not challenging enough as a resolution? If the latter, we could always up the ante at some stage with an added commitment to act on the WBY, rather than just notice it. I’m not quite ready for that now, but am open to it in future :)

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