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Changes to the Clear Channel Course & Group Calls


June 2024

For the second half of 2024, our monthly group calls will be focused on questions and practices related to the Clear Channel Course.

Each call will be held on a Saturday at 11am Sydney Australia time.

You are welcome to join as little as one call over the next half year, or as many as you like - up to six in total. These calls are open to participants of the Clear Channel Course, though there is no need for you to have finished the course or even to have started it in order to join a call.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Clear Channel Course, you can access the whole course for a discounted price of $39 AUD (instead of $117) here. The discount is available over the next couple of weeks before the next call on Saturday July 6.

Upcoming Changes to the Course

⁃                Q&A: The online forum for the course is going to be replaced by the option to email questions about the course as needed. The aim is to eventually add these questions and my responses to a Q&A document or web page that can be accessed by other course participants.

⁃                Password: Everyone’s old password will be updated soon. If you’re a participant of the course and have not received an email from me by July 6 with your new password, please check your junk folder and send me a message if it hasn’t come through.

Booking a Consultation

Please note there is no need to participate in a group call or a one-on-one consultation to get value from the course. However, talking through challenges or achievements tends to boost motivation and ensure you get the most out of it, plus there can be power in numbers when it comes to accessing intuition - even if it's just with one other person (this article touches on why this might be the case). Group sessions that have focused on the course have been lots of fun - at least the ones we’ve had so far! - and participants have told me they’ve gained more insight into challenges or how to best move forward after the calls, as well as felt more empowered to practice using their intuitive abilities afterwards.

I’ve had a few people ask previously if it was too late to join a call due to it being booked out. Rest assured that there’s no maximum limit and you are always welcome to join, as long as you book at least 1-2 days beforehand.

On the other extreme, there is no minimum for these sessions either. Incidentally, in recent months there were a few courses that I’d paid for and enrolled in (both online and in-person courses) that were cancelled at short notice due to low numbers. I’m not a fan of this approach, so if you sign up for a session, the call is guaranteed to go ahead even if it ends up being just the two of us :)

To book a consultation, please go to the services page here.

Hope to connect with you soon!

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