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A Tree Full of Stars

August 2016

When Abstract Messages Turn Out to be Meaningful ...

What many people don't know is that I was very tempted to give up during the free email reading trial that took place in February last year. This was largely due to the fact that I wasn't able to get any immediate feedback about whether or not the information coming through was accurate, and there were a number of readings where the main message seemed incredibly abstract. I had also been advised by a more experienced intuitive that email readings should not be offered until after many years of doing phone and face-to-face ones, and not until I was sure that I would be giving correct information.

I feel very grateful to have received a quick reply fairly on during the free trial from a lady who wanted to give some insight into what the reading meant for her. I was having a lot of doubts about this particular reading and almost didn't want to send it because it seemed so strange and I thought it might make no sense.

A Tree Full of Stars

Part of the vision that had been described in this lady’s email reading was of her staring up at a tree holding young children in it, as well as stars which appeared to be important.

She gave permission to share the following information, with her name kept anonymous due to the personal nature of the reading.

She wrote to me:

“You spoke about a tree with children and stars. I have had five miscarriages and I call them my little stars. I have a tree in front of my house which I can see from most windows and I look out at it all the time. This Christmas I put lights in it and put little coloured stars on the branches in honor of my babes. I had been visioning this for months before I did it. When I read the message... it made me feel connected to them.”

This was incredibly moving for me to read and a big factor in why I continue to offer email readings today. What I thought had been an overly-abstract metaphor turned out to have been a vision of something that held a lot of meaning for this lady. I am forever grateful for that lesson, that what may seem to make no sense to me can be relevant and often more clearly understood by the person who the message is for.

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