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Three Year Anniversary and Packages

September 2016

Three Year Anniversary

It has now been three years since I completed the professional intuitive training program with Erin Pavlina. Back in late September 2013, I wasn't really sure where the training would take me and how everything would work out. All I knew was that I loved doing readings and that I was excited about offering more in future.

The week before I completed the training, I quit my job of over five years and had no other source of income. I had saved enough to live on for a little while, but my savings didn't last long enough to continue working full-time on the intuitive business for all of the following year. It was months later when other older, wiser intuitives and business owners advised me that it can typically take two to five years to build up a practice to the point where you can live off the income from it.

So I started to work in my other profession again after almost one year of leaving my previous job, and continued to offer intuitive readings in my spare time. I enjoyed doing both types of work and using both my logic and intuition to help others.

I am now transitioning once again and cutting back on my hours in my day job as of mid-October so that I can devote more time and energy to the intuitive work.


It's been a while since I offered the free 10-week trial in 2014 to see whether or not weekly readings over a 10-week period would be worthwhile. The answer appeared to be a resounding yes, but I never really offered a proper package for people to book since that time.

Passing on information and intuitive guidance is in itself very rewarding, but for me the best part about working with people is to see such information and guidance put into action so that positive changes are made in their lives.

I'm happy to say that I am now offering packages so that you can work towards a goal (or goals) with the benefit of more ongoing intuitive guidance and support compared to a one-off reading. I've found that when people book a second or third reading with me, often they will not have implemented all the changes recommended during the first reading, so the follow-up ones are useful to get clarity on how to proceed, or what to do next if they have already started taking action.

At the moment there are three options to choose from (3 sessions, 5 sessions, or 10 sessions). If you are interested in finding out more about the packages, please send me an email and I'll provide all the details about what's involved and how to book one. You'll also have the opportunity to book a free call with me to talk about what option may suit you best, and what course of action is most likely to help (this will not always involve booking a package with me – we might discover that your needs would be best met through another modality or professional).

Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported me in this work over the last three years!

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