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Some Thoughts, 10 Years After Intuitive Training

Las Vegas intuitive training

Photo of Las Vegas on the way to professional intuitive training, September 2013.

September 2023

In September 2013 I completed training to become a professional intuitive. Based on that experience and what has occurred since, I have some thoughts to share. These may be relevant if you are wanting to follow a particular dream or path that your intuition is guiding you towards, especially if it’s one that’s likely to push you outside your comfort zone.

Now in September 2023, here’s what I have to say:

1)    Hold a sense of wonder about what’s possible. Expect surprises. Follow your intuition every step of the way.

2)    Take one step at a time. It’s sensible to take necessary precautions of course, but looking too far ahead for too long can be overwhelming. The next right step is usually manageable so just focus on that.

3)    Avoid saying any fears aloud, as this will only serve to make them feel more significant and real in your consciousness.

Short digression: When I went for my driving exam in 2001, the first task was to check that the headlights were working, so I turned on the ignition but the car stalled – it was a manual car and I’d forgotten to press my foot to the clutch. I almost said, “I’m so nervous!” but caught myself before those words could escape and reach the ears of the driving assessor next to me, who would not have been reassured by such a statement. I took on the posture of a confident driver and proceeded to pass the exam. The assessor’s final words to me were, “good driving” (my instructor who was within earshot later whispered that this is rarely said, since “‘pass’ means good driving, so ‘good driving’ means ‘wow!’”). The result would have been very different if I’d blurted out every anxious thought that crossed my mind during the test.

So, treat your mind as though it’s a driving assessor. Don’t express your apprehensions out loud if it’s not necessary (and is it ever necessary?) because your inner assessor will begin to doubt your abilities and won’t give you the licence required to move ahead where you want to go.

4)    Once you’ve committed to being careful about what you say, take it a step further and be vigilant with your thoughts: Try not to let scary possibilities roam freely in your mind and derail your efforts. Fear is normal, but there is no need to indulge in worries or images of worst-case scenarios (in my case, these included things like missing flights on the way to the training location, losing my passport, and being stranded in the desert). Notice when those thoughts arise, then bring your focus back to the here and now.

5)    It’s okay to be happy. When things are going well and a burst of excitement arises about the path you’ve chosen, it’s extremely common to suddenly start freaking out that disaster is lurking around the corner, ready to strike at any moment (even when there’s no rational reason to believe so), as though to punish you for becoming too cheery. You’re allowed to feel good so don’t let anyone – yourself included – convince you otherwise. 

6)    Cultivate certainty before you take action, in the way you think, your posture, and how you move. If you’re feeling hopelessly uncertain, be open to the encouragement of others, and learn from those who have shown courage when going for what they want, whether you can speak to them in person or study them indirectly. I remember having a vivid dream in which a young woman called Erin (same name as my intuitive trainer, though she looked different) told me I’d be alright and everything would turn out fine with the upcoming intuitive training – it was just a dream, but the absolute conviction of that dream character gave me hope, and allowed me to borrow that quality of certainty for myself. 

7)    Don’t necessarily expect support from all your friends and family. In this game of life, see it as their role to tell you everything that might go wrong when moving beyond your comfort zone. Consider it an expression of love, that they are saying these things because they care about you and want you to be safe (they usually come around once you’ve gone through with your plans and shown that you’re still okay on the other side).

8)    Ask others in advance not to share any negative opinions on what you’re about to do after you’ve made a decision. One month before I went overseas for the intuitive training, I wrote an email to let my family know of my new plans, while also asking that any criticism be held off. I was later told that this message did trigger concerns and judgements about what I was intending to do, but since these were not voiced in my presence, they posed no threat in shaking me off my chosen course of action.

9)    Let go of attachment to a specific outcome, and refrain from holding expectations about any payoffs related to your path. A widespread assumption is that if you follow your dream, it should immediately generate enough money so that you don’t have to do anything else; this can put a lot of pressure on a person, is not conducive to optimal creativity, and can drain the joy out of doing what would otherwise be fun and fulfilling to do. Ensure that your life supports your dream, and don’t try to force it to be the other way around.

10) Do things the way you want to, in your own unique way. The approach I take when offering intuitive consultations is quite different to how a typical psychic reader works. Don’t try to change who you are to fit in with what you’re “supposed” to do.

10 years ago, I enjoyed an adventure of a lifetime. Some of my friends thought I was mad, and even airport officials questioned whether it was a good idea to fly to Las Vegas on my own (“What are you going there for?” I was asked multiple times, “Did you meet someone on Facebook? Be careful.”).

Since that time, many things have remained the same. How I tune in before a consultation, my meditation technique, and the ways I communicate haven’t changed very much. Other things are different though, like offering consultations in a group format, and helping people to access their own answers intuitively.

While I am open to moving in whatever direction my intuition takes me over the next 10 years, I hope to continue this line of work for as long as it’s beneficial to others and enjoyable for me as well :)

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

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