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Chakra Expert

November 2018

Over this past month, a couple of people have referred to me as an ‘expert’ regarding intuition and chakras. I felt uncomfortable with that word, mostly because I don’t quite agree that I am an expert!

The first time I even really thought about chakras was while preparing for my professional intuitive training in 2013. I was instructed to listen to a number of talks, one of which touched on the topic of chakras. I became excited about the whole concept of chakras and the idea that each one is related to a different area of life, and was keen to try tuning into them right away. I grabbed a friend who happened to be available at the time, asked if I could practice on him, and was given permission to tune in to his chakras.

I was surprised to learn things about my friend that I hadn’t known before, things that I guess he hadn’t felt comfortable sharing before then. I found it interesting that I received this new information within just minutes of beginning that super-quick, first ever chakra reading … information that I hadn’t obtained previously despite having been close to him for a fairly long time.

Later on, in the early stages of offering readings and receiving feedback, it was occasionally suggested that I spend more time providing details about the chakras and teaching all there is to know about them, obviously with the assumption that I knew much, much more than I did!

I have no doubt that many people – including those who I’ve done readings or consultations for – have a greater depth of knowledge on the topic of chakras than I do. I’ve heard others refer to chakras by their Sanskrit names, or describe how many petals there are for every chakra symbol, or talk about the different body parts and functions each one relates to.  

I may not have learnt enough on the subject of chakras to identify as an expert, but what I am truly grateful for is that I have learnt to sense chakras and to interpret and share what I perceive in regards to the various areas of life that those chakras are associated with. And from the feedback I’ve received from others, it seems that my perception of their chakras tends to be accurate.

Just as you don’t need to be an expert on how your visual system works before you can physically see, nor to acquire expert knowledge of photography in order to use a camera and take great photos, I would question the assumption that you need to be an expert on the topic of chakras before being able to learn how to tune into them.

Rather than learning more about chakras themselves, my interest lies in using the chakras as a tool to get a snapshot of what’s going on in a person’s life, to highlight strengths and areas to work on so that they can move forward, feel happier, and come closer to reaching their potential.

Your Own Chakras

On that note, if you’re keen to learn a little more about the potential to tune in to your own chakras for yourself without necessarily having to rely on an expert, then you may be interested in reading about this topic in my new book, Channel. It includes a rundown on what chakras are, and how I understand them based on the training I’ve received as well as on what has resonated with people during intuitive readings and consultations. The book also touches on how to do a brief meditation to keep those chakras healthy and ‘happy’ :)

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