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Survey for Online Course on Intuition

July 2020

As shared a couple of months ago, I’m aiming to create an online course on intuition that will be based on the principles found in my book Channel: How to be a Clear Channel for Inspiration By Listening, Enjoying, and Trusting Your Intuition. Ideally, this will be made available later in the year.

Although I’ve been asked to offer a course like this for a while, I haven’t received any specific requests other than to help “with intuition” generally. It would be great to get a clearer idea on what people might actually want to learn or develop through doing such a course. 

If you have time, I would love to hear from you regarding what you would like to see in an online course on intuition, if the idea appeals to you. Please feel free to contact me with your answers to any or all of the following 7 survey questions.  

Survey for Online Course on Intuition

1. Would you be interested in signing up for an online course on intuition? 

a. No (if no, please skip the rest of the survey!)

b. Yes

c. Maybe

2. How would you prefer to have course information presented?

a. Written material

b. Audio recordings

c. Video

d. Combination/other (please specify):

3. Would you prefer to have set homework tasks as part of the course, or to just view/listen to the material without any recommended exercises? 

a. I would prefer to have homework/recommended exercises

b. I would rather not have homework/recommended exercises

4. Would you be keen on accessing support during the course? 

a. No, I would prefer to work through the course independently

b. Yes, through online methods (e.g. by sharing experiences or asking questions on an online forum/website)

c. Yes, through one-on-one support

d. Yes, through live group Q&A calls

e. Other (please specify):

5. What questions or specific topics would you like to cover on the subject of intuitive ability? 

6. If you have read Channel, what concepts/chapters or ideas from the book would you enjoy exploring further? 

7. Any other comments or suggestions?  

Each survey response will be taken into consideration, as well as very much appreciated, as always! 

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