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Play Me

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October 2022

Last month’s article focused on how to play your part for a good reading. The idea of playing our part can be extended to more than just a reading. How do we play our part in relationships so that we’re contributing the most we can, while remaining as open as possible to receive from others as well? How do we play our part to create the best work that we’re capable of in our jobs or businesses? How do we play our part when it comes to our spiritual connection?

Many people consider their spiritual side of life as being split off from the rest of it. Yet, spiritual connection and enthusiasm can infuse your whole life. It doesn’t have to be separate from everything else.

There’s a certain stereotype associated with people described as “spiritual” – that they must be so determined, solemn and austere. Sure, some spiritually-minded people are serious, but being in touch with our spirituality can actually be delightfully fun! Some of the most spiritual people I know are also among the most light-hearted people I know, frequently sparking laughter in those around them with their great sense of humour.

Playfulness has always been one of my top five values, and I like to play in every area of my life. I enjoy playful relationships, I like to be playful at work, and I’m happiest when my spiritual path feels playful too.

Play Me

Have you ever heard the prayer, “God, please use me”? Although it’s been said to be a very powerful statement, in that it announces our willingness to be used in the service of something greater than ourselves, “use me” also has a fair amount of word gravity attached to it.

To be used is often synonymous with “used and abused” – that is, to be taken advantage of, or not well respected. Obviously, that’s not what is meant when someone genuinely prays to be used by the divine. Still, if there is a higher power, I prefer to think of my relationship with it as more of a friendship than one of a humble servant to a master, even if it’s a loving master. If there’s any prayer to God or a higher creative force that appeals to me, it’s one of asking to be a playmate with that force. Rather than asking “please use me”, I want to invite inspiration to “play me”. 

As in the case of “use me”, the words “play me” can have negative connotations as well. “Are you playing me?” can imply that someone may not be acting honourably, not being upfront with you, treating you like a fool. It’s another way of asking, “Are you messing with me?”

However, in the context of surrendering to inspiration, “play me” suggests an eagerness to be played almost like a musical instrument. It means welcoming a greater energy to flow through us, to create music and other beautiful experiences through our words and actions.

It can also indicate the desire to be playful. If you play me at a game of cards or chess or tennis or anything else for that matter, it means we both have the opportunity to participate in our chosen activity and enjoy being together.

And if we agree to play one another, then we have to play our respective parts. This is likely to involve some sort of active participation, rather than being totally passive (unless, of course, our chosen role is to play a slave or robot).

The fact is, being open to inspiration does not lead to a state of voidness, with eyes glazed over and mouth drooling. If anything, we start to become full. In the absence of the ordinary mind’s preoccupations and its incessant search for worldly goals and achievements, our true presence can shine. We are present.

Presence and Presents

To be present means we’re in the here and now, rather than focusing on the past or future. Present can also mean a gift. I’ve often said that the experience of listening, enjoying, and trusting intuition while being awake to the present moment is its own reward. It’s not only a gift for us to enjoy, it can be a gift to others too. When we are present and open to inspiration, the consequences are likely to extend beyond ourselves. We’ll be drawn to the people whose lives we can touch or uplift in some way, or situations in which we might be most helpful.

As we allow something bigger than ourselves to play us and through us, various gifts – including those of presence and inspiration – can flow from ourselves to others too.

Until next time, play and be played!

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