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Free Aura Seeing Fest

February 2016

Yesterday I found out about an upcoming 'Mindfest' hosted by Learning Strategies. The MindFest runs for one week at no cost, and will focus on developing the ability to see auras, which is why the name for this particular MindFest is: 'Aura Seeing Fest'.

I am not affiliated at all with Learning Strategies, but I've signed up for previous Mindfests on various topics – like creating abundance, healing, strengthening intuition, and so on – and I found them to be interesting and worthwhile. I also know that most people who've signed up for my updates have either had a chakra reading or aura photo reading with me in the past, or at least are very interested in the subject of energy, chakras, and auras, so I wanted to share this with you.

If you sign up for the Aura Seeing Fest, you'll gain access to audio recordings each day for 6 days. They are free for the week starting from 10am Monday 15th February 2016, US Central time (or 3am Tuesday 16th February 2016 for Sydney, Australia time).

If you'd like to check out this MindFest and get your Free Pass, click here:

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