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Chakra Readings & Island Party with the Guides

October 2015

The Mind Body Spirit (MBS) Festival is coming up soon on the 22nd to 25th of October in Sydney. I'll be there as part of a team offering short chakra/aura consultations.

Most people who've asked to receive updates from me are actually overseas and aren't able to get to Australia – let alone Sydney – anytime soon. So I wanted to offer a little something for everyone, regardless of where you live, to coincide with the Sydney MBS Festival.

Chakra Readings

For one week from now until the 25th of October, any email reading you book will also include a free chakra reading. Normally during phone or face-to-face intuitive readings, I quickly go through and discuss people's chakras right at the start of the session. This is mostly for validation purposes to check that I'm connecting with them properly and so they feel (if the chakra reading resonates with them) that they can trust the rest of the information that follows. Since I hadn't really considered it to be the main part of a reading, I was surprised to find that, when getting feedback about the readings, many people described the chakra reading as the most fun or insightful part – whether it was for a phone, skype, face-to-face or email reading. It became clear that the chakra reading itself was quite helpful and enjoyable for people. So if you've never had a chakra reading before, it might be worthwhile giving it a try :)

Island Party with the Guides

Shortly after training to be a professional intuitive, I offered free chakra readings to gain experience and was quite nervous before each one. I would write a whole heap of notes before a reading, then mark off every point as I went through the information with a person – a tick would mean that the information was accurate, a cross would mean that it wasn't accurate or didn't resonate with him/her.

No matter how many of those ticks I had in front of me at the end of a day, or how much positive feedback I received, there was often the thought at the back of my mind, “Maybe this next reading is the one where everything will go wrong, I'll go blank, nothing will make sense, or the person will hate what I say.” That wasn't the most empowering thing to focus on every time I did a reading!

After telling a coach about my dilemma, she asked to guide me through a visualisation exercise to see if it might help. She led me to picture myself in a boat, sailing across the sea to an island in the distance. Once I got to the island, she asked me to set my boat alight and see it burning away to nothing, so no matter what I found on the island, no matter how fearful I was, I would have to face it and deal with it – there was no option for turning back. If you've ever read The Art of War by Sun Tzu, you'd be familiar with the concept of having to ‘burn your boats' as an act of commitment: “When your army has crossed the border, you should burn your boats and bridges, in order to make it clear to everybody that you have no hankering after home.”

Although it was just a little exercise, I felt wary about proceeding forward onto this island. The coach asked me what I could see or feel ahead. There was a sense of the unknown, and I could see trees in front of me. She encouraged me to take one small step at a time towards the trees. I took one step, and then whoosh! I had shot forward to around the middle of the island. She asked what I saw there. I told her that it looked like there were a whole lot of guides – not just one person's spirit guides, or my own, but a big island party with maybe 50 or 100 guides. She asked if I felt fearful. I said that the whole thing felt like fun, something to be enjoyed rather than feared. I wanted to get closer and join the party. It felt like I was welcome and the guides were inviting me to join them.

The coach said to visualise myself joining the party. From this fun space, she asked me to think about the intuitive readings, and how to address the fear and worry that came up before each one. I wasn't sure if it was just my mind getting creative or if real guidance was starting to come through, but it was like the guides at this island party were eager to give answers. They suggested that I didn't need to feel so much like I was in control. The information for each reading would be provided by the guides, all I had to do was be open, listen, and pass on the information.

But what if I wouldn't be able to hear them for a particular reading? They repeated that all I had to do was open, listen and pass on whatever information came through.

The coach asked how I felt, and I admitted I felt not just relieved, but excited about doing readings. It has since allowed me to trust more and to offer readings without putting so much pressure on myself to figure out what every message means, to perfectly interpret every metaphor or image that comes through, or to get everything right and please everybody with 'good news' (a lot of the time the message isn't so much about good news but how to cope with difficult situations).

Although it's not always easy to just surrender and feel less in control, this more relaxed approach has worked for me in life generally as well. Opening ourselves up to higher inspiration and getting out of our own way can feel wonderfully freeing!

Tickets for October 2015 Mind Body Spirit Festival

If you're in Sydney this month and you're keen to go to the MBS Festival at Sydney Showground (Sydney Olympic Park), you can get tickets for $16 if you go online, or you can pay $20 for entry at the door. There will be lots of seminars, stalls, free stage performances, readings, massages and other fun stuff available. To see more details or book tickets, please go to

It's been lovely seeing some of you at previous festivals, so if you can make it this time around please come find me at the Whole Body Aura stall and say hi :)

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