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Chakra Consultations

"I felt my chakras as I've never felt them before, and I came away with valuable tools in my spiritual journey. Jess was able to get me to a place of power and confidence about my intuition - this is beyond invaluable.” ~ Soo L. (Brooklyn, NY, USA).  

‘Chakra’ (pronounced ‘tchah-kra’) is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’, and refers to a centre or focal point in our energy field. Chakras are often described as vortices or funnels of spinning energy. 

There are said to be seven major chakras in our energy field which relate to different life areas. These include financial stability and security, emotions, creativity, self-esteem, compassion, communication, intuition, and spirituality. If there’s a problem with the intake of energy through a chakra, this may lead to an imbalance which can affect our physical health and/or the area of life with which that chakra is associated. Tuning into chakras allows us to assess our current state of energy and how it may be affecting various areas of our life now.