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Thank You!

Thank you for booking an intuitive consultation with me.

If you have booked the email service, please send a question* and a recent photo of yourself (with no one else in the photo) to I will tune in and share whatever information comes through intuitively via email, within 3 business days. (If you would prefer not to send a photo, that's okay. It can help me to tune in but is not essential). No back-and-forth messages are required; all you need to do is simply open your email after you receive it. 

* If you would like to receive a clear or specific answer, then it helps to ask a clear, specific question. Please feel free to share enough information so I know what you're referring to in your question, but not so much that it would be difficult to trust whatever information comes through! 

If you have booked a one-hour phone/Skype consultation, please schedule your appointment by clicking here.

I look forward to emailing/speaking with you!

Jess :)