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Hi there! I’m Jess, and here’s some information about my background and what I do.

I am not one of those many intuitive readers who can claim to have communicated with spirits from a young age, nor do I remember clearly experiencing clairvoyance until my twenties.

However, I have always been very empathetic with a deep passion for spiritual growth since childhood.  

When people who demonstrate impressive intuitive abilities are described as possessing a gift that they must have been born with, I normally point out that everyone has this ‘gift’ of intuition – whether it’s latent or currently active – and that we can all nurture and develop it so that it becomes strong.

I suspect that it was through studying and practicing various spiritual philosophies, attending courses and retreats, as well as meditating daily for over 20 years, that I was able to strengthen my intuitive ability to the point where I could start offering readings to complete strangers in my thirties. This led to a very unexpected career direction for me …

Early Days

I never imagined that I would end up as a professional intuitive. As a kid, I wanted to grow up to be an artist or a healer. But at the age of 15, after seeing a documentary at school about inmates in the Australian prison system (I believe it was called ‘The Big House’), I decided that I wanted to study psychology to assist those whose human rights had been threatened or violated whilst incarcerated, or to help people get their lives on track in order to stay out of the criminal justice system altogether.

I was advised by well-meaning family members not to narrow my focus to studying just psychology after finishing high school, due to the assumption that it would be too difficult and competitive to get a job afterwards. I chose to keep my options open and ended up enrolling in a double-degree.

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology, I was not yet qualified to be a fully registered psychologist and had no real desire to join the workforce in any other capacity. I stayed on at the University of New South Wales to obtain a Master of Forensic Psychology degree, and was thrilled to be offered a role as a forensic psychologist soon after gaining full registration.  

Training Time!

Years later, around the end of 2012, it was becoming clear to me that life worked better when I listened to my intuition, and that things always seemed to go wrong when I didn’t. I made the decision to follow my intuition no matter what, without realising that I would soon be facing some pretty big changes in the year ahead as a result.

In 2013 I quit my relatively stable and respected job of more than five years, and flew halfway across the world to undertake formal training to become an intuitive counsellor. This was a scary move for me and I felt stretched way beyond my comfort zone (at the time when I enrolled in the training, I had never even been on an airplane by myself before!). Yet, I went ahead with what seemed to be a crazy plan as I had already committed to following my intuition, and the intuitive push to go through with this training was too strong to ignore.

I graduated from the Erin Pavlina Professional Intuitive Training Program in September of that year, and shortly afterwards became a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT) in the areas of intuitive counselling, general counselling, and psychic readings.

Working as an Intuitive

From late 2013, I provided hundreds of readings and intuitive counselling sessions via face-to-face, phone, Skype, and email to people from around the world, including Australia, Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. I have also worked as an intuitive at Mind Body Spirit Festivals and New Age stores. 

I love empowering others to lead happier and more meaningful lives, and I believe that intuitive services can be a fantastic tool for achieving that goal. I've helped people to get in touch with their strengths, to address areas that might need improvement, to gain clarity on how to move forward and get ‘unstuck’, and to feel a greater sense of their own spiritual connection. I have a down-to-earth style that has been described by clients as clear, easy to understand, accurate, enjoyable, caring and non-judgmental. 

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to offer this work. It’s such a privilege whenever someone asks to have a session with me, and places enough trust in me to open up about very personal aspects of their lives. It’s also rewarding to have heard from so many people about the benefits they’ve observed after having an intuitive reading or consultation, sometimes days, weeks, or months afterwards.

Having over 10 years’ previous experience as a psychologist, I feel that the skills I’ve developed through my psychology background have come in handy in my work as a professional intuitive too. I am a good listener, communicate clearly, and care deeply about my clients. I have a strong understanding of how to help people address issues that are commonly faced in our society, including those related to addiction, depression, anxiety and trauma – especially trauma associated with sexual assault and domestic violence – and I can respond well to those who are trying to cope with mental health issues or challenging circumstances.

(Please note that I would not ever recommend booking an intuitive service if there is an immediate current crisis to deal with or any issues around safety – in that scenario, it’s important to call Emergency Services or your local crisis support service).

After four years of providing readings, I made the decision to shift my focus to offering consultations, during which I assist others in accessing their own intuition in order to learn how to receive answers for themselves. The main reason for this was that I noticed how people were more likely to tell me that they had made important, positive changes in their lives - and relatively quickly - following a consultation. There was also an extra level of certainty and clarity that they would describe both during and after a consultation, more so than the average reading. 

I write a monthly update as well, and have covered topics such as intuitive development, readings, and spirituality. There are also regular offerings of freebies and special bonuses, so if you haven’t yet subscribed but would like to, then you can join my mailing list using the form below. I am currently writing a book on how to let yourself be guided by your intuition, due to be released hopefully in the not-too-distant future, so that’s another good reason to sign up for updates if you want to stay in the loop for further announcements about that :)


I aim to surrender to intuitive guidance as best I can in any given moment (which is often easier said than done!), to assist others in doing the same, and to do what I can to help create a more compassionate world.

Compassion is an important motivator for me in what I do professionally as well as personally. I love people and I love friends of the non-human variety as well :) I’ve worked as a volunteer, have mentored aspiring vegans, and have contributed a proportion of my income on a monthly basis towards various compassionate causes and charities since my late teens, from human rights organisations to animal protection charities (my current charity of choice is Animals Australia, who do amazing work on behalf of animals).

My hope is that you may feel inspired to build on your own intuitive ability in order to become a clearer channel for inspiration and guidance, to treat yourself and others with love and compassion, and to lead a deeply fulfilling life in the process :) 

~ "Jess has helped me see my strong points and also some blockages - she gave me ideas on how to try and clear them out. It has definitely made me feel more at ease and happier. I'm much calmer about things in life … I have grown so much spiritually and I believe speaking to Jess has definitely boosted me in the right direction.”

~ Rita May (Mississippi, United States).

(See more testimonials here). 

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