Readings and Consultations:
What To Expect & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What can you expect after you book an intuitive reading or consultation? Find out what's involved and see the FAQ section for answers to frequently asked questions. 

What Do Readings Involve?

Intuitive readings can be done over the phone or Skype, or received via email.

You'll be asked to send a clear, recent photo of yourself after you book a reading. This photo will be used to tune in to your energy and spiritual connection. During a reading, the word 'guides' is often used to describe spiritual presences that can help provide clarity and guidance on your path.

If you have chosen to receive a chakra reading, then the current state of your energy will be discussed - including any imbalance and areas for improvement - and how this may be affecting various aspects of your life.

Email Intuitive Reading

For an email reading, you will be asked to send your question/s and photo. You'll then receive your reading via email within 3 days. There will be no back-and-forth exchange of email messages required, all you need is to simply open and receive your email reading after it arrives.

Phone/Skype Intuitive Reading

A phone or Skype reading lasts up to 30-45 minutes, and you will be asked to send a photo of yourself, with no questions required in advance. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions on any topic, as they arise during the reading. How many questions we can cover varies depending on what sort of questions you ask, how complex they are, and how much depth is required to answer each one properly. 

As worthwhile as it can be to receive the validation, messages, and reassurance that many people enjoy when having a reading, you might want to consider having an intuitive consultation (described below) for guidance on how to tune in to your energy and spiritual connection for yourself.

Phone/Skype Intuitive Consultation

A phone or Skype consultation lasts up to 60-75 minutes, and is a good opportunity to experience receiving your own answers intuitively.

An intuitive reading is more passive in that you sit back and listen to whatever answers, guidance, and messages come through. An intuitive consultation, however, is more experiential and ‘active’. You will be invited to tune in for yourself and build awareness of your own energy centres (chakras) and intuitive ability.

Although each consultation will be tailored to the needs of every person who books one, it will generally involve a guided awareness exercise at the beginning to open each of the chakras, followed by the opportunity to explore a particular question or area of your life you may be struggling with or wanting extra clarity on. There’s a possibility that it might also include an element of healing or counselling in order to work through any blockages (emotional, psychological, or energetic) that may be limiting your ability to access your intuition or preventing answers from coming through clearly.


A follow-up question is fine as long as it is to clarify information already included in your reading or consultation, and is asked no later than one week afterwards. I won't be tuning in to your energy or spiritual connection for follow-up questions, so answers will be based on memory only.


All readings and consultations are confidential and your personal details won't be shared with anyone - the only exception would be if there was any concern about harm to you or someone else. 


The amount of information and the level of detail that comes through in a reading will vary for each person. There's no guarantee that you will receive the answers or specific information you want, or that the information will resonate with you. For email readings especially, there is the limitation of not being able to have a conversation and clarify any ambiguity or potential misunderstanding. 

For consultations, you might find it difficult to tune in to your energy and intuition. The ability to receive your own answers might also be quite challenging depending on the level of your intuitive ability. 

For every reading and consultation though, the same process is used to connect to your energy and spiritual connection. The same intention is also held to provide a clear and accurate session to help you gain clarity, increase your level of happiness, and live up to your potential. Although it's not possible to guarantee certain results, many people have provided very positive feedback about their readings and consultations.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel and receive a full refund if you give at least 24 hours notice. There are no refunds for completed readings and consultations, no exceptions.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

"What does a chakra reading involve?"

A chakra reading involves tuning in to each of your seven major energy centres (chakras) and how they relate to different life areas such as financial security, emotions, creativity, self-esteem, compassion, communication, intuition and spirituality. 

Does the chakra reading show my past or future?”

The chakra reading shows your current state of energy and how this may be affecting your life now.

"What sort of photo should I send?”

The more recent, the better. A clear photo of your head, face and shoulders (with no one else in the photo) would be perfect.

Does it matter where I live?”

Readings are available worldwide. As long as you have good phone reception (or a reliable Skype connection) and can communicate clearly in English, you can book a reading no matter where you live. 

Can I ask about other people?”

You are welcome to ask about a particular relationship with a partner, friend, family member, etc (for example, “how can I improve my relationship with …?”). However, questions that are specifically about another person (such as, “what can you tell me about my sister's career?”) will not be answered during a reading.

"Does it matter if I don't believe in guides?"

The word 'guides' is often used to refer to spiritual presences that can provide clarity and guidance on your path. However, there's no need for you to hold any particular beliefs and as long as you feel that you may benefit from a reading or consultation, then you are welcome to book one whether or not you believe in guides. 

"Can you tell me what the future holds?"

You'll be provided with information to help shape your own destiny rather than be told one future outcome.

How much information should I give when asking a question?”

When asking a question, it's great to provide enough information so it's clear what you are referring to, but not so much that there would be no validation or trust in the response you get back. At the same time, some people like to give more information in order to get a quick clear answer or direction to take. 

I'm too scared to get a reading. What if you tell me something bad?”

You won't be told anything “bad” without also being offered suggestions about how to prevent or cope with the issue or situation.

"Is it okay to record my reading or consultation?"

I won't be recording your call, but please feel free to record it yourself (for personal use only) so you can listen to it again.

What sort of questions do people ask during a reading?”

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask during a reading:

  • How can I strengthen my own intuition and spiritual connection?
  • How can I change my old habits (e.g. drinking/ smoking/ gambling/ overeating)?
  • Is it a good time to change my location and/or job?
  • How can I improve my relationship?
  • I feel stuck. How do I get my life moving?

“How do I prepare for my intuitive reading or consultation?”

Set your intention:

Become clear on why you want a reading/consultation and what you'd like to achieve from it. Spend at least 10 minutes alone before the appointment to take some slow breaths, let go of tension, and focus on what you would like to experience as well as any desired outcome you have in mind. 


Feeling anxious?

It's completely normal to feel anxious before an intuitive reading or consultation. This is even more likely if you've never had one before. If you're nervous then it shows you care about how the session will go, which is great! Chances are that you'll feel less anxious after only a couple of minutes or so from when the call starts. 


Check your inbox:

Please check your email inbox shortly before your reading/consultation. You'll receive an email prior to your appointment in the unlikely event that it needs to be cancelled, or if there are any difficulties reaching you. So please make sure you are able to access your email before and even during your appointment in case there are any reception or other problems during the call. If you are late to answer, the call will still need to end on time. If you are unable to answer after 10 minutes from your scheduled appointment time then the reading/consultation will have to be rescheduled.


Your own space and privacy:

Find a relatively quiet, comfortable place where you'll be able to concentrate on the call. Ensure that you'll be able to speak privately and openly without worrying about anyone eavesdropping, even if it's a close friend, relative, or partner (sometimes especially if it's one of those people!).


You may have an emotionally intense experience or get the opportunity to gain clarity about some aspect of your life during the session. It's best if you are on your own, as it can affect your reading/consultation if you're around other people.

Notes and recording:

Feel free to record your reading or consultation (for personal use only) or to write notes so that you can review the information later on. It's useful to be prepared before the call by having your written questions in front of you, as well as a pen and paper handy to take notes, or a computer if you prefer to type. 

Interested In Booking A Reading or Consultation?

Please get in touch using the contact form on this website if you have any questions not covered in the FAQ above. If you would like to book a reading or consultation, please click here.

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