Intuitive Reading & Consultation Testimonials

See what people around the world have to say about their intuitive readings and consultations with Jess. 

Testimonials For Email Intuitive Readings

"Wow, Jess was so amazingly accurate and she is halfway around the World from me. I was in tears reading my message from my guides because she told me things that no one else would ever know. Even though I couldn't stop crying it was tears of happiness. I would highly recommend getting an email reading from Jess!"

~ Alexis Santos (Canada).

"This is the first chakra reading that I have ever undertaken and I was very impressed by the reading provided by Jess Ang. Many aspects of the reading were very accurate, and I was half convinced that Jess had hired a private detective to observe me for a couple of months to provide some of the incredibly accurate details! :) What I found beneficial about the reading is that it encourages self-reflection, promotes self-awareness (by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses), and provides opportunities for self-improvement. Thanks again, Jess, for an amazing reading."

~ Yee Shih, Academic (Sydney, Australia). 

"I received an email reading from Jess and was impressed with the overall accuracy and relevance to my life. The chakra reading confirmed a few issues I've been working on and gave me guidance on how they would resolve themselves. The message from my guides was so helpful - it described the business I'm building and confirmed that I'm on the right path to living my passions and also to greater financial stability. I loved hearing the images Jess received from my guides exactly as they came to her - her open, genuine style is really helpful because it makes me feel closer to my guides and allows me to be part of the process of interpreting their message.”

~ M.C. Platt (Denver Colorado, USA).

"My name is Vadim Roz, this was my second reading with Jess. Right now my life has been really busy with work, so having an email reading was really easy and convenient.

"I was looking for answers to many questions about my future, and once again the reading was amazing and on point about things in my life that only I could know about. As a result my decision-making has been much easier regarding what I should do for the next chapter in my life.

"Thank you so much again, Jess"

~ Vadim Roz (Australia).

"My email intuitive reading was very accurate and helpful. It has confirmed areas of my life that require more attention. I think that it's given me the motivation to make some necessary changes. Thanks Jess." 

~ A. Maharaj (Sydney, Australia).

"Jess' reading was amazing! I really enjoyed the insight into my questions and the perspective that was provided. For me, I know what Jess explained is all true but I couldn't identify it before. I enjoyed the visual explanations and insights. Very valuable experience and I would recommend Jess if you have any questions you want answered!"

~ Dave M. (Sydney, Australia).

"I very much enjoyed Jess's lovely and genuine reading. It was insightful and accurate. I look forward to having another reading done by her!"

~ Laura Walsh (Sydney, Australia).

"Jess has done two readings for me. Her readings have allowed me to learn a lot about myself, and provided guidance on how to improve/change." 

~ Linda C., Accountant (Sydney, Australia).

"Jess's reading was very precise and insightful, which I really appreciated, combined with the spirit of caring that came through in the email reading, has helped me view my current situation from a profoundly different perspective, with a clearer direction to aim towards. I have so much more hope for the future."

~ L. Davies (NSW, Australia). 

"I have had several Skype sessions with Jess which were so incredibly helpful. I wanted to see what the emails were like too. I received a very powerful/ important message that was clarified in a few points. It was very succinct and gave me massive insight. Jess's work is so helpful."

~ Nerissa Dowling, Business Owner of (Caringbah, Australia).

Testimonials for Intuitive Consultations: Phone, Skype & Face-To-Face

"I have always wanted to get in touch with my intuition, but didn't know how. When Jess offered a Skype session to teach me, I signed up right away. She is very patient and gave great instructions as to what to do and what to expect. Highly recommend if you want to get in touch with your intuition."

~ Edith Russo (Upper Preston, WA, USA).

"During my intuitive consultation, I enjoyed the fact that there was lots of feedback and imagery. Even where I struggled, Jess helped and supplied a lot of information which made complete sense. Jess is very supportive and thorough. Her style is alert, on point, and connected to the purpose of every session she gives."

~ M. Emily, Lab Assistant (Sydney, Australia). 

"Fantastic session! Jess was very patient and gentle, and helped me to experience things for myself, in my own time. What I found most enjoyable about the consultation was having help and guidance to get in touch with my own energetic centres. I felt much more "in tune" with myself afterwards, and excited about how to incorporate the information I'd gained about myself into my daily life".

~ Nicole A., Teacher (Sydney, Australia).

"Jess is amazing, very intuitive and caring. I was amazed how accurate she was, tuning into my energy. It also felt like opening my chakras had a healing effect. I got so much out of it and it feels good to know that I can access my intuition again that way."

~ Nikki M. (Australia).

"Jessica is so gifted. As her compassionate voice guides you, you feel you are in the most capable hands. The chakra check-up was the best I've ever had. Usually, I find them slow and unnecessary but her session was perfectly timed and calibrated. I felt my chakras as I've never felt them before, and I came away with valuable tools in my spiritual journey. She was able to get me to a place of power and confidence about my intuition - this is beyond invaluable. Jess is a great teacher - kind and generous with her time and knowledge. She is terrific."

~ Soo L. (Brooklyn, NY, USA). 

Testimonials for Intuitive Readings: Phone, Skype & Face-To-Face

"Jess put together a really great reading that validated a lot of what has been going on currently in my life. She shared details about my business and life that were very true and provided insight into what is coming up in my life. It was a really excellent reading."

~ AJ McClary (USA).

“Jess, thank you so much for the reading. I enjoyed every minute of our conversation. I came away from the reading with clarity of the direction that I need to work toward and a deeper insight into myself. I felt great talking to you, even though it was 5am here and I had just woken up, I could feel your energy over all that distance. You made me feel at ease and very open with you. Thanks again!”

~ Andi M., Translator (Ashkelon, Israel).

"Jess - I just wanted to say, thank you so much for the recent reading. I have been to many similar readings in the past with a variety of readers across different countries and I thought I knew what to expect. But I stand happily corrected. Not only did you give me more insight than any of the other readers, I couldn't believe how accurate you were on certain, very personal aspects of my life. Can't thank you enough for that warm, inspiring session."

~ Ashan M.G., Credit Analyst (Sydney, Australia). 

"The reading was great! Very accurate and precise. I would definitely want to get another reading. It has opened up my mind and given me insight and answers that I was looking for. This reading is the best that I have had so far."

~ A. Nguyen (Galloway, NJ, USA). 

"My reading with Jess was fantastic, she was really nice and polite. Really made me feel at ease from the start. The information was both accurate and helpful to me." 

~ Ben B. (Dublin, Ireland). 

"Jess was accurate right off the bat in her reading of my chakras. It was great getting confirmation that we were on the same page. She did a fantastic job at relaying info I needed right at that time. It was also very pragmatic advice. She was thorough, accurate, and practical all within the first 10 minutes!"

~ Ben W., Dancer (United States).

"That was so awesome! You are so gifted at this and I have had a lot of readings in the past and my feeling is that you can clearly connect with guides. It was very helpful to get these answers and I have more insight about how to approach things moving forward. Not many people can connect in the way that you do. I have never had a reading that gave so much clarity and specifics like you gave me."

~ Delina Fajardo, America's Purpose Coach, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and Speaker.

"Jessica was spot on regarding my life situation at this time. She immediately zoned in on my career stagnation which is looming very large in my life. My guides gave her practical advice to share with me, things that I can apply immediately. Jessica is a warm, lovely soul with phenomenal intuitive skills. I highly recommend her services."

~ Denise D., Educator and Radical Living Coach (Albany, NY, USA). 

"Jess delivers intuitive readings that assess each of the chakras. She was very accurate with mine. I highly recommend her to anyone not as aware of their own intuition or unsure of what their intuition may be telling them."

~ Divya Hemnani, Brain Trainer. 

"Jess has a very peaceful energy and her communication style makes it easy to derive meaning from the reading."

~ Elizabeth Upland (CA, USA). 

"Your reading was a most enjoyable experience which I would highly recommend to all friends and peers I know. An experience which gave clear clarity on my own intuition and thoughts. Thank you for your wisdom and compassion. An amazing talented lady Jess is."

~ Elizabeth Williams, Barista (Sydney, Australia). 

"Today I had a session with Jess Ang and really enjoyed it. I found her communication and energy really responsive and friendly. She made me feel at 'home' straight away. The content of her session was chakra based, something I am used to as a subject, but I felt even if I was not it would not have mattered as she explained it all with so much clarity. She even picked up on the breakthrough I had last week! I really enjoyed and benefited from this session. I did foster a fear of 'this kind of thing' but now I know I was guided by my inner knowing to a 'safe pair of hands'. Many thanks, Jess."

~ G. Mary Dankowych (United Kingdom). 

"Jess gave me my first intuitive reading. She was quick and clear about telling me what she was going to do. It was a 15 minute reading and she covered everything I was wondering about. I really resonated with the things she said, she understood me well. I would recommend her."

~ Jenn W. (Texas, United States). 

"Jess is amazingly spot on. Offering very clear big-picture advice on how you can better yourself and your life in the direction of your highest good. Strongly recommended."

~ Judith Poe, Jewelry Designer, (Austin, TX, United States).

"Jess gave an amazing reading of my chakras that really rang true to me, and a message from my guides of what they find most important for me to give my focus. She described my personality very well. It was surprising what parts about me she picked up on, true but unexpected information. Including an aspect of my life that I struggle with, that I had just accepted as ... well, that's just me. That is one thing that was addressed as an area my guides wanted to encourage me to work on. Wow, because this was all said before I spoke more than a yes or not answer to her. I had not given her any information about myself. Of all the things I worry about in life, it is interesting to consider that what would help me to move forward is an underlying issue I was not addressing and had been working around. I hadn't looked at it that way. What I think was great, is that Jess drew my attention to something that would benefit me to work on and then I could see how it had been a hindrance in many areas of my life. She also picked up on something that I do well, which I now feel inspired to focus my attention on! She did a great job of directing my attention to aspects of my life that gave me insight as I considered what was said for a long time after the reading."

~ Kathryn W., Public Transportation Employee (San Francisco Bay Area, USA). 

"You truly have a gift! Thanks so much for the reading. You were spot on and able to give me accurate information which not many people know. My guides were able to relay helpful information about embarking on a new career path that felt highly relevant and meant a lot to me. When the reading was over, I felt a new sense of energy and purpose. I look forward to future readings with you."

~ Katie S. (Los Angeles, USA). 

"{The reading provided} validation of what I was already feeling. I'm more clear on the direction to take. The main message resonated a ton! It was a very pleasant experience."

~ Kim Torres (New Jersey, USA). 

"The information given to me during my reading was very accurate, helpful, and most importantly validating. Jessica was very down to earth and was pleasant to talk to. I highly recommend her :)"

~ Maria R. (Chicago, IL, USA). 


"My reading with Jess was very enjoyable. Although we had never spoken before, I felt very comfortable talking with her about things that are sort of private. Your own feelings, emotions and actions can be difficult to discuss, but this was not the case with Jess. She put me at ease."

~ Mark P., Retired (USA). 

“It seems like Jessica knows me better than I know myself! :) She gave me a very accurate description of who I am as a person spiritually, emotionally, etc. I also received some advice from my guides that I will try to incorporate into my life so I'll be on the right track to be the best version of myself :) Thanks Jessica, it was a very good reading. I think getting a reading should be part of everybody's routine- like getting oil change for our car, a reading should be a part of our "human maintenance" :) I would definitely recommend Jessica for that.”

~ Mirka D. (Tennessee, USA)

“The reading was very insightful and even exciting. I really felt that Jess cared about getting the most accurate information possible. In only 15 minutes she went over my chakras and what she was seeing or feeling about each one of them, while checking all the time that those details resonated with me (and they resonated so much that I couldn't help but trust her). Then she told me what my guides most want me to know, which confirmed a very important decision that I'm following in my life, and also answered a question I had. Jess is very pleasant to talk to, and I believe that she has a huge ability to help people using her intuition.”

~ Nina S., Design Student (Israel).

“Jess was clear and concise. It was very encouraging to have pressing questions answered with practical, actionable steps to deal with the situation or area of life. Jess had a great connection with the guides and she directly relayed what they wanted me to hear without any kind of distortion. The very fact that I had already had these ideas and they were now being reinforced by Jess made me certain that my guides have indeed been speaking to me and all I have to do is act on those steps! It was also great connecting with Jess as she has a friendly, warm nature. Thanks Jess!”

~ Ranjana C. (India).

"Jess meditated before the reading and had information for me immediately after the session started. She was spot on about which chakras needed more attention, and had practical advice on what I could do to move forward with my goals. I am very pleased with my reading and I highly recommend it!"

~ Rina G. (United States).


“My name is Rita and I'm from Mississippi in the United States. I'm writing this testimonial on my wonderful experience speaking to Jess! She's very good at explaining things as she views your chakras and will answer any questions you may have. She tasked time to go through each one. This was my second time speaking with her and I must say I was shocked by some of the info I received. I believe we have guides/Angels who are around us guiding us through. Well out of curiosity I asked if she received any names that for some reason jumped to her. I knew one name that seemed to always pop in my head but her response was Frances. Now this is my mother's name who had passed just a few years prior. I believe it was a sign saying she was there with me and that she was ok. I was over the moon to say the least!! It was a very important moment in my life. Jess has also helped me see my strong points through my reading and also some blockages. She also gave me ideas on how to try and clear them out. It has definitely made me feel more at ease and happier. I'm much calmer about things in life and I'm able to pause in awe at things, many of which you don't seem to notice in a chaotic stressful mood. You would be surprised what a little meditation can do to your overall being!! As well as a little insight and guidance. I have grown so much spiritually and I believe speaking to Jess has definitely boosted me in the right direction. Thank you Jess for helping me to stop and pause and take in beauty in life. It has helped me in many different aspects and I continue to try and keep myself more balanced.”

~ Rita May (Mississippi, United States). 

"I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Jessica. She is pleasant to listen and talk to. I will definitely be seeking out her services in future. Anyone who is on the fence about speaking with an intuitive should lay those fears aside and book a reading ASAP!" 

~ Roxy G. (South Florida, United States).

"Jess was very calm and confident with her skills. She clarified confusion and was very open about expectations from the session. She was also very accurate... She has a natural gift."

~ Ruchi Ladkani, Sales Manager (Leichhardt, NSW, Australia). 


“An excellent experience. Sometimes you need a hand to help keep you moving along your path and this reading did exactly that. Jess was spot on with the entire reading and delivered it in a way that really made sense to me. Thank you for the gentle "push"!”

~ Shannon Dahlen (

“I had a wonderful session with Jess. She was spot on about many things. She speaks clearly and stays on point.”

~ Shannon Reilly, English Teacher (Los Angeles, USA).

"I really enjoyed my reading with Jess. We had never met before the reading (and this was done over the phone) and I can tell you that everything she said to me was perfectly accurate and true. I felt a lot of compassion from Jess and I believe she is very gifted. Thank you Jess."

~ Steffie B. (Toronto, Canada).

“First of all, I would like to say that Jessica sounds very professional and pleasant to listen to. She started with a chakra reading before asking any questions about me, and her reading was very accurate. She described every area of my life with precision and clarity. I was amazed at how she was able to see inner aspects of my personality, as well as external circumstances of my life. For example, she said that my throat chakra (communication, voice, speaking) has the most light in it, and I am a professional interpreter. Further, she conveyed messages from my guides, which also felt like it was exactly what I needed to hear. Overall, it was a pleasant experience in all aspects. I highly recommend Jessica's readings!”

~ Tatiana L. (Houston, TX, USA).

I had never had my own reading before, although I was familiar with the concept since my husband had had a reading in the past. Even though I went into the reading knowing that my guides would be providing information, it was amazing to actually hear their guidance and suggestions, especially when their advice was a bit of a (pleasant) surprise. Throughout the entire reading, I was amazed at the accuracy of Jessica's information and her ability to help me figure out my next best path. She was so warm and friendly. It felt like a conversation with an old friend who knows you better than you know yourself! Such a wonderful, positive experience. I highly recommend having a reading with Jessica for anyone with questions about their life's path.”

~ Wendy H. (Dallas, TX, United States).


“What was remarkable about the reading with Jess Ang was the precision of the validation part. That made it easy for me to trust the advice. Also when she relayed what my guides had to say about my main question it felt more than just advice that made sense on a rational level but it felt deeper (as if what my heart felt was finally put into words).”

~ Wilhelm B., Engineer (Germany).

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