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~ "A most enjoyable experience which I would highly recommend to all friends and peers I know. An experience which gave clear clarity on my own intuition and thoughts." Elizabeth Williams (Sydney, Australia).

If you would like to gain more clarity in your life, to explore your energy and chakras, and to learn more about how to receive your own answers intuitively, consider booking an intuitive consultation with me!

Consultations are available via phone or Skype, and can be scheduled for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Please be sure to read over what to expect and other important information here before booking an appointment.

Please don't close the window after payment, but wait to click on the link 'Return to Jessica Ang' (allow up to 10 seconds for this to pop up) to complete your booking.

30-Minute Intuitive Consultation ($95)

This is a good option if you want to learn to tune in to your chakras and you have a quick question you would like to address.

30-Minute Intuitive Consultation

60-Minute Intuitive Consultation ($190)

You will be guided through a process to help you tap into your own intuition and energy, and to receive answers intuitively for yourself regarding one to three areas of your life. 

60-Minute Intuitive Consultation

90-Minute Intuitive Consultation ($285)

This provides a great opportunity to explore your chakras in more depth as well as to cover several questions or life areas you would like more clarity on.

90-Minute Intuitive Consultation


If you want to gain confidence in your intuitive ability and are also keen to build momentum in one or more areas of your life within a fixed time frame, then the following package options may appeal to you:

1) One month package: Includes 3 x 60-minute consultations plus email support* as needed within a one-month period. 

2) Three month package: Includes 10 x 60-minute consultations plus email support* as needed within a three-month period.

* Questions asked via email will be responded to intuitively, of course!

If you are interested in either package option, please contact me to check availability.  

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