About Jess     

Hi there :) I’m Jess and here’s some information about my journey as a professional intuitive so far. 

I’ve often been asked if I was born with the ‘gift’ of having a strong intuitive ability. I normally point out that everyone has the gift of intuition – whether it’s latent or currently active – and that we can all nurture and develop it so that it becomes strong. 

Admittedly, I am not one of those many intuitive readers who can claim to have communicated with deceased loved ones from a young age, nor do I remember clearly experiencing clairvoyance until my twenties. 

At the same time, I’ve always had a passion for learning about consciousness and spiritual growth, and have explored various meditation techniques and retreats since my early teens; I’m sure this all helped to cultivate my intuitive ability, even though that was never really my goal at the time.  

It was around the end of 2012 when it became clear to me that life worked better when I listened to my intuition, and that things always seemed to go wrong when I didn’t. I made the decision to follow my intuition no matter what, without realising that I would soon be facing some pretty big changes in the year ahead as a result.

In 2013 I quit my job of more than five years, and flew halfway across the world to undertake formal training to become a professional intuitive. This was a scary move for me and I felt stretched way beyond my comfort zone (I’d never even been on an airplane by myself before I enrolled in the program). Yet, I went ahead with what seemed to be a crazy plan as I had already committed to following my intuition, and the push to go through with this training was too strong to ignore. 

I ended up having to provide readings to compete strangers while being observed by an experienced intuitive, Erin Pavlina. This was a little nerve-wracking but great fun as well, and I enjoyed the training so much that I hardly noticed the jet lag!

Shortly after graduating from the Erin Pavlina Professional Intuitive Training Program in September of that year, I became a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT) in the areas of intuitive counselling and psychic readings. 

Since late 2013, I have provided intuitive services via face-to-face, phone, Skype and email to hundreds of people from around the world, including Australia, Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. I have also worked as an intuitive at Mind Body Spirit Festivals and New Age stores. I’ve been told that I have a down-to-earth style that has been described by others as clear, easy to understand, accurate, enjoyable, caring and non-judgmental.  

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to offer this work. It’s such a privilege whenever someone places enough trust in me to book an appointment and open up about very personal aspects of their lives. It’s also rewarding to hear from people about the benefits they’ve observed after having an session with me, sometimes days, weeks, or even years afterwards.

Before making that choice to follow my intuition no matter what, I never imagined that I would end up as a professional intuitive. And now that I am one, I can’t imagine many paths that could possibly be as interesting or fulfilling for me than the one I am currently on :) 

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